My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 150

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 150

Even though Hera was arguing with them, Lucas didn’t intend to back her up at all.

On the other hand, the reporters didn’t expect that they could have a piece of shocking news here.

Hera is perhaps the first person to be blacklisted by a brand! I have never seen such a silly person in my life!

As Hera was boiling with rage, she said, “Do you know who I am?”

Nevertheless, Ashlyn looked at her calmly and replied, “Shouldn’t you check your own identification card to get the answer? Why are you asking me instead?”

As Hera didn’t expect Ashlyn to ridicule her, she fumed, “How dare you?”

Hera stared at Ashlyn ferociously and in disgust. After pausing for a while, she said, “Don’t you think that you can do everything merely because Jared is behind you. You’re only a toy to him! Once he is bored of you, you can cry all you want but can’t do anything to change it! Don’t be so smug now!”

As soon as Hera finished, she flung her hand toward Ashlyn to slap her face.

However, before Ashlyn lifted her hand to stop Hera, someone acted faster than her.

It was Lucas who clasped Hera’s arm to stop her. Although Lucas initially looked composed, he gave Hera a cold-eyed stare and yelled furiously, “Who are you to hit her?”

When he flung Hera’s arms away, she couldn’t steady herself and fell shabbily.

She lay on the floor and looked up at him in disbelief. The next moment, tears streamed down her face when she said, “Lucas, why did you treat me in such a manner for that woman?”

Because she bruised her arm against the floor, her arm began to bleed.

Hera felt the pain when she looked at her own bruise. Besides, she couldn’t stop sobbing as she was disappointed with the way Lucas treated her.

She could never believe that Lucas would push her in an outlet in public!

Nonetheless, the pain on her arm reminded her that everything was real.

On the other hand, everyone near the outlet was shocked by Lucas’s reaction.

Why did Mr. Nolan protect Jared’s girlfriend? Do they have an intertwined relationship?

Meanwhile, Ashlyn was startled too because she never thought that someone would protect her.

But I admire Hera’s courage for attempting to slap me.

She sneered at Hera and put her hair gently behind her ears. After that, she said to the LX brand manager, “Escort her out now!”

“Ashlyn, don’t trash-talk me. I won’t be afraid of you. It’s fine that you threaten LX because Jared backs you. But who are you to drive me out? After all, you’re merely a woman who relies on a man to be successful!”

Since Hera was embarrassed, she couldn’t hold back her emotions and yelled at her non-stop.

As she eventually lost her head, she scolded, “You are merely a useless toy to men for their entertainment. You’re a pretty but useless b***h! How dare you…”

“Shut up!” Lucas stopped her before she continued.

Then, he squinted slightly and warned coldly, “How long do you want to keep it going? Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself?”

Meanwhile, Spencer was both frightened and shocked after witnessing Hera’s stupidity. Impressive! How dare she scold Ms. Berry non-stop! Also, he didn’t understand why Mr. Nolan would want to be with Hera.

As a matter of fact, Ms. Chapman is discourteous and ill-mannered. Besides, Ms. Berry looks far more beautiful than her! I mean, did Mr. Nolan choose this woman because he is visually impaired somehow?

After Lucas yelled at her, Hera shivered and was frightened.

No… It’s not what you think.

I always portray myself as a gentle and cute lady before Lucas. Why did I become a b***h merely because Ashlyn provoked me?

As if she was suddenly conscious, Hera looked at Lucas and said sobbingly, “Lucas, it’s not what you think. I lost my head just now because I was too angry. Please forgive me!”

Since Lucas remained silent, Hera added, “Lucas, what you saw just now wasn’t the real me. I overreacted only because I was too angry.”

“What a mess!” Ashlyn only felt pity for the new product launching that was almost ruined by Hera single-handedly.

At the same time, many socialites in the outlet witnessed the fuss, and some of them even recorded it secretly.

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