My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 151

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 151

Besides, some of them even sent the video to their friends and families.

Before today, Hera was known as a graceful lady who came from a family of renowned pianists. Besides, she was talented in drawing and even sold one of her paintings for five hundred thousand in an auction before.

There was a time when many clan leaders from different prominent families saw Hera as a role model to their children. As such, many socialites were annoyed for being compared with her at home.

“Look at the daughter of the Chapman family. She can play piano and even drawing! What about you? You know nothing but live an extravagant lifestyle! Can’t you discipline yourself and work on something meaningful instead? Alas, I can put my mind at ease if you can acquire at least half of Hera Chapman’s skills.”

Hence, the socialites were more than happy when Hera showed her true colors.

Well, she is just a b***h after all! Besides, she is even blacklisted by LX!

Before the staff acted, Lucas furiously gave Spencer a signal to drag her out of the outlet.

The atmosphere in the Bentley was tense.

Hera curled herself up on the corner and sobbed from time to time.

Meanwhile, Lucas felt annoyed by her voice.

“How dare you insult her?” That man sneered at Hera ferociously.

As the terrifying air surrounded the car, Hera curled up to avoid his gaze. At this moment, she really wished to vanish from the world.

My god, it’s horrible. Why does Lucas look so terrifying when he gets angry?

As she began to sweat, she dared not to wail but only sobbed softly.

Even though tears continued to stream down her face, she dared not take deep breaths and remained as quiet as possible.

The next moment, Lucas said in a piercingly cold voice, “There will be no more next time!”

Once Lucas said it, Hera felt that the air was frozen.

After a while, Hera was driven out of the car and stood helplessly at the roadside.

She couldn’t help but squat down and hug herself. The next moment, she began to wail to let out her emotions.

I have irked Lucas! What should I do? It all happened because of Ashlyn Berry.

Since Hera felt that she was wronged, she looked ferocious with her tears filled with envy.

It’s Ashlyn Berry… Ashlyn Berry did all these to me!

As Cindy wished, she finally became one of the trending searches online.

Nevertheless, she didn’t make it because of paying any money to be on the list.

On the contrary, the group photo of Ashlyn, Lucas, and her became the trending search.

Furthermore, the brand of LX also became one of the trending searches.

Netizens began to search for more information about the reputation of LX and its impressive designs.

Even Terry was surprised and couldn’t help but say, “You finally have the luck. I don’t even have to spend the money for it.”

“Well, I can’t always be unlucky,” Cindy said satisfactorily. “To be honest, I really have to thank Ms. Berry for it. She is indeed an impressive lady.”

“Besides, Hera Chapman was silly enough to show her true colors in front of everyone. When you met her during the birthday party, I thought she was really a noblewoman,” Terry also said in disdain. “She has disgraced the entire Chapman family this time.”

“You’re right!” As Cindy spoke, she looked at the list of trending searches again excitedly.

I guess no one will accuse me of being the other woman again even though I’m in the trending searches with the president.

After all, I was invited by the brand to become the Outlet Manager for One Day. On the other hand, Hera Chapman came to the outlet with Lucas together. Under such circumstances, everyone can see clearly who the other woman was!

Even though Cindy did think about being Mrs. Nolan one day, she didn’t go overboard like Hera.

Moreover, the issue about LX blacklisted Hera also became one of the trending searches.

At that time, the socialites took photos and videos when Hera made trouble in the LX outlet and even uploaded them online.

Hera Chapman ruined her image as a talented lady.

She reveals herself as a b***h!

Is this how a family of prominent pianists educate its daughter?

It’s indeed eye-opening.

I used to think that she is pretentious, but she is even worse than I thought.

She deceived us all.

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