My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 155

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 155

But what if the other premium and international brands decided not to entertain her as well?

Could she still make a public appearance in the future?

Without products from luxurious brands, what else could she wear?

Does this mean I have no choice but to wear old clothes to attend events and social gatherings?

The thought of people giving her a pathetic look drove her mad.

“Ah!” Hera was so mad that she threw away her phone. She then buried her head in her hands and cried in agony.

“I can’t take it anymore! I can’t! How could Glorious Group side with that bitch?”

Her expression turned gruesome, and a towering rage could be seen blazing in her vicious eyes.

The second lady of the family was taken aback, “Oh my, Hera! You almost scared the daylights out of me.”

She gulped down her milk, ate a sandwich, and left.

Ha, what a laughing stock!

Not only does this brat throw tantrums like a spoiled child at home, but she also did the same in public.

Mrs. Chapman gritted her teeth, kept the phone away, and said, “Don’t worry. I’ll pay someone to take care of the trending topics. We can always go on a shopping spree overseas since we can afford it. Glorious Group is just the distributor of those products. They don’t monopolize the market, anyway.”

“But I feel so embarrassed, mom!” Hera’s red eyes swelled like a pair of walnuts.

Tears that gushed down her cheeks had messed up the makeup on her face.

She wished she could tear Ashlyn into pieces right now!

“Alright, alright. Hush, hush. Let mommy settle the problem on social media for you first. Let’s see who dares to make fun of you when you marry Lucas in the future. With Lucas around, all these brands would come crawling and beg for you to return to their stores!”

“But…” Before Hera could finish her sentence, Mrs. Chapman interrupted her, “Shush. No more buts. Mom is here to help.”

These trending topics on the social media were abuzz, and Netizens could not stop making fun of Hera.

Some socialites, whom Hera had boycotted in the past, took this opportunity to expose all her wrongdoings.

Spitting saliva into a classmate’s cup and wearing classmates’ clothes without their permission were among the atrocities she had committed.

She had even violently attacked a female classmate, causing the victim to transfer to another school.

Some fashion brands also exposed Hera for taking their sample products when she attended their events and did not even bother to pay.

Wow! What she did in the past blew my mind! This Hera Chapman is truly one of a kind.

She is such a terrible person. She has truly brought shame to her grandfather Mr. Chapman, who has maintained a good reputation as a renowned pianist.

Argh, disgusting.

I’d strangle her right away if she’s my classmate.

She even had the face to take advantage of those brands by taking their products?

Not sure if it’s a blessing or a curse for brands to have this kind of socialite at their event.

Ashlyn read through the posts on social media and froze for a second.

Why did Glorious Group make this move though?

At that moment, she received a call.

“Hey, did you get Glorious Group to do this?” Ashlyn asked in a puzzled voice.

The man smiled and replied charismatically, “Are you going to thank me?”

“She’s just a nobody. You shouldn’t have wasted your time and energy to deal with this kind of person,” Ashlyn said blandly.

“Ashlyn, what have you been doing in the last four years? Why didn’t you come to find me?” Richard seemed to be implying something, “You’re so close with Jared but you always keep a distance from me. Why?”

“You’re jealous? Come on, he’s my subordinate, and you’re my brother,” Ashlyn chuckled, “You’re the CEO of Glorious Group, a busy businessman. How can you get jealous of a man who works for me?”

Upon hearing her silvery laugh, Richard’s dark eyes glistened, “Let’s have dinner once I get back, okay?”

“Dinner with you? Please. I don’t want your admirers to catch us and tear me into pieces,” Ashlyn mumbled.

“Stop being so ridiculous!” Richard exclaimed in frustration.

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