My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 156

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 156

“Just kidding! Call me when you’re back,” Ashlyn then hung up the call right away.

Ashlyn felt awkward having this conversation with Richard.

She had been put in the limelight and made a number of headlines on social media recently.

She knew Richard would eventually come across updates about her.

Damn it!

She let out a long sigh and fussed with her hair in frustration.

Richard might seem like he did not have a care in the world, but deep in his heart, he was a domineering control freak.

Instead of letting him get to her, she decided to forget about him. She went to her wardrobe, get a pair of attire that she liked, and put it on.

At the president’s office in the South Star Airlines headquarters.

Lucas had fulfilled his flight time for this month, so he would not need to fly in the coming week.

Instead, he planned to spend his time completing his paperwork. This was why he was at South Star Airlines’ office today.

At 9 am, there would be a meeting that all employees must attend.

The lift door opened when it reached the top floor. He walked out of the lift and saw Jenny right there. She had been waiting for him in his office early this morning.

“Mr. Nolan, there’s something I have to tell you.”

Lucas responded aloofly, “You can tell my assistant Spencer.”

“But this is something I have to tell you personally.”

The flight attendant’s attire accentuated the shape of her body, and she looked good in it too.

Yet, in Lucas’ eyes, not a single woman was as pretty as Ashlyn.

Hence, to him, Jenny was as good as invisible.

The last time when she came to him to talk about Ashlyn, he nearly threw a fit.

Now, she felt she had gathered enough evidence and must warn Lucas not to fall into the trap of that woman, who took advantage of men.

She wanted him to know that Ashlyn was nothing more than a gold digger who lined her pockets with money given by all sorts of men.

Lucas stopped walking and look at Jenny in displeasure, “What?”

His icy stare intimidated Jenny, but she went on, “Mr. Nolan, I… I received some news about Ashlyn. She has a close relationship with Jared Quickton, the president of Centennial Healthcare. She is cheating on you…”

Lucas’ pupil flared, “They’re good friends. What’s the problem?”

“She…she’s very close with him. Like really close. I have photos to show she’s cheating!” Jenny immediately took out her phone and showed him the photos.

“This is a photo of her attending a charity dinner with Jared. Look at the way they talk to each other. It was as if they were about to kiss!”

“I have a video too!” Jenny hit the play button. Though there were noises in the video, it was not difficult to tell how intimate they were.

They could even hear their conversation.

“These heels kill me. Massage my legs when we get home.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

Lucas held the phone with his large palm. His veins started popping up, and his expression turned grim.

“They might be staying together! Mr. Nolan, you heard what they said, right? She even asked him to massage her feet!”

Jenny exclaimed in agitation. She was so elated to finally have leverage over Ashlyn that she could not stop her voice from trembling.

“Shut up!” Lucas responded aloofly and shot daggers at her.

Jenny did not understand why he reacted in such a manner.

Why is he still so calm and cold? Shouldn’t he go and confront Ashlyn for cheating on him?

“I know all about this already.” Lucas’ brows furrowed, “They two are good friends. That’s all.”

Jenny was dumbstruck, “Mr. Nolan, they’re not just good friends. They’re staying together! She’s cheating on you and has betrayed you!”

Lucas gave her a sullen stare, “Who gave you the right to investigate her?”

Jenny was on the verge of breaking down.

She had presented him with all the evidence. They were all displayed clearly before him.

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