My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 157

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 157

Yet, he chose to defend that woman.

What’s the difference between him and fatuous kings from the ancient world?

“You’re barred from coming to the top floor without my permission!” A fierce glint flashed through his eyes, “Now, get out!”

Spencer leaned forward and showed Jenny out, “Ms. Holt, please.”

Where did she find the courage to come and talk to him like this?

Yesterday was Hera, and today Jenny. What’s wrong with these women?

They’re constantly trying to get on Mr. Nolan’s nerves.

Jenny’s frustration kicked in and felt sorry for herself.

She then went back to the cabin crew’s office, opened the door with force, and noticed a few crew members were having a chat.

Upon seeing Jenny, Nancy called her, “Hey Jenny, I made floral tea. Come and try some.”

They were rather relaxed since they were not on duty for the next few days.

Anger was written all over Jenny’s face. She sat down and complained, “I really have no idea what’s wrong with the captain.”

A few cabin crew members looked at her and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Nancy offered her a cup of tea, “Calm down.”

“It’s clear that Ashlyn is cheating on him. I didn’t get to attend a lot of social gatherings since I’ve been busy flying around, but my friend attended a charity dinner and took some intimate photos of Ashlyn and Jared. I showed the captain, and guess what? He didn’t believe it.”

All the crew members kept silent.

“But that’s their problem, not yours, right?” Nancy could not help but want to talk some sense into her.

Jenny’s eyes widened, “But Lucas is the president of Nolan Group. He’s a dignified and authoritative man, but Ashlyn made him look like a fool. How can I not be mad?”

“Listen to me, Jenny. Calm down. He’s not only our captain, but like what you’ve said, he’s also the president of this group. He should know his wife better than anyone of us. Your action is just going to agitate him further. Besides, he doesn’t like to talk about his marriage in public, and the public doesn’t even know Ashlyn is his wife. This is why Ashlyn can have a close relationship with any man. After all, not everyone knows she’s married!”

“But it’s still considered cheating, right?” Jenny’s eyes reddened, and she was about to burst into tears. I’m a woman with no bad history, and I’ve never even had a boyfriend, but why doesn’t he seem to notice me?

All he could ever think of is that bitch!

Hatred clouded her thoughts as she scrolled through the posts on social media. Upon seeing the trending topics, the corners of her mouth quirked up.

Hera Chapman. Ashlyn Berry. Cindy Wynn.

Very interesting.

If I can’t get what I desire, everyone should suffer with me!

During the lunch break, Spencer brought a lunchbox to Lucas’ office.

At this time, someone was knocking on the door of his office.

Lucas thought the person must be Spencer, so he said in a low voice, “Come in.”

All of a sudden, he heard someone with heels entering his office. The woman then called him in a cloyingly sweet voice, “Lucas…”

Hera Chapman!

Lucas raised his head and looked at her.

She wore a boat-neck strapless dress, and her bosoms were absolutely seductive.

The dress exposed her slim waist, and her fair skin became faintly discernible as she walked.

“What are you doing here?”

“I’m sorry, Lucas. I know I’m at fault. Please forgive me.” Upon hearing Lucas’ indifferent voice, Hera’s eyes turned red immediately.

She stood in front of his desk and begged, “For old times’ sake, please don’t ignore me, okay?”

While she was rubbing her eyes, tears started rolling down her cheeks, “I went bonkers last night because I was really mad. Now everyone views me as a laughing stock, and the fashion industry boycotts me. I can’t take this anymore!”

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