My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 158

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 158

“If I lose you again, I really am going to die.” Hera put aside her ego and was ready to drop to her knees, “As two innocent children, we used to be so close. Now that we’re all grown up, are you planning to kick me to the curb?”

Her sobs continuously echoed in his ears.

It was as if the angelic little girl from his childhood had reappeared before him.

He knitted his brows, “You disappointed me.”

“I promise I’ll not act stupid anymore. You should know what kind of person I am, right? I just lost my mind the other day, especially when… when you defended Ashlyn. I was jealous. I was really jealous of her.”

Hera wailed even louder.

She could feel the man’s tone had softened after hearing her sweet and coquettish voice. She went up closer, stood beside him, wrapped her hands around his arm, and nudged him with her bosom as if it were unintentional.

She continued seducing him very casually and unintentionally.

She looked at the man’s handsome face with her big eyes and said, “On several occasions, you said you’re going to get a divorce. Yet, you’re still married. I know you’re the perfect man that every woman wants. When Ashlyn once again caught your attention, I was scared and worried. Please forgive me for being so jealous of her. It’s all because I like you very much!”

All this while, she had always been open about her feelings for him.

Yet, Lucas had always kept a distance from her. He had never kissed her, let alone held her hands.

He could never imagine himself being in a romantic relationship with her.

Lucas narrowed his eyes in disgust. He detestedthe way the woman rubbed her body against his arm.

If it were not because this woman had saved his life when he was still a child, he would have instantly thrown her out of his office.

He suppressed his irritation, pulled his arm away from her, and said with a deadpan expression, “I cherished my friendship with you because of the childhood memories we once had, but Hera, you truly disappointed me. All those memories mean nothing to me anymore. I’ve never promised to date you or marry you, and my plan to get a divorce has nothing to do with you too. I hope I’ve cleared up all the misunderstandings here.”

“What did you say?” Hera widened her eyes in disbelief and looked at his stony expression. “No. I don’t believe you. You’ve never been close with any other women before. We went out for meals together, and you even gave me flowers.”

“I’ll bring you to meet Ms. Saunders because I owed you one. I can help you achieve your goals, but I’ll never date you or take you as my wife!” Lucas rejected her icily while exuding an aura that would deter anyone away from him.

Hera’s tears gushed down her cheeks uncontrollably.

How did things end up like this?

This is not what I’ve expected!

“No. No, Lucas. You must have liked me before, right? It was clear that you wanted me to be your girlfriend!” Hera shook her head and cried, “You’re only saying this because what I did earlier upset you. You’re trying to make me angry, right?”

Lucas wanted to put an end to this misunderstanding. He had never thought of being in a relationship with Hera.

He never had and never will.

Admittedly, he had shared fond childhood memories with Hera, but that was different from love. Lucas was certain about it.

He would never marry a woman he did not love merely because she had saved his life when he was younger.

Even if Hera had grown up to be unattractive or disabled, he would remain grateful to her.

He would repay her kindness, but falling in love with her was not the way! Impossible!

“Hera, whether I’m still married or divorced, you’re not the one for me. I’m grateful to you, but that’s not love. They’re totally different, so I hope you don’t get confused.”

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