My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 16

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 16

Ashlyn had no choice but to give in.

Did he come out from the cockpit just to ask if I have taken my meds?

Spencer had already forced me to drink two glasses of water! It’s troublesome to keep going to the toilet, okay?

Jenny who was standing not far away heard them talking about ‘water’ and ‘meds’. She furrowed her brows instantly.

Her instincts told her that girl wasn’t Spencer’s girlfriend.

Instead, she seemed more intimate with Captain Nolan.

Lucas pulled Ashlyn’s blanket up in an oppressing but elegant manner. “Cover up.”

He turned to Jenny and ordered, “Bring her another blanket.”

Jenny bit her lip and left to get another blanket. When she returned, she handed it to Ashlyn, but Lucas took it from her. He spread the blanket and placed it on Ashlyn gently. “It’s cold at night.”

Jenny’s eyes widened as she stared at the couple in disbelief.

Did I just see the notoriously indifferent Captain Nolan being a softie by putting the blanket on that girl?

What is going on?

Isn’t she Spencer’s girlfriend?

Jenny’s thoughts were in a whirl.

“Got it,” Ashlyn mumbled. “Why aren’t you going back? Who’s flying the plane?”

“The co-pilot is taking my place now,” Lucas’ reply was crisp. A tinge of displeasure entered his voice. “Do you want me to leave?”

Ashlyn hurriedly flattered him in return. “No, I’m just worried about your job. Over 100 lives on this plane are in your hands.”

Lucas laughed at her reply. “Mm!”

He turned and headed to the cockpit.

Ashlyn smirked. She knew all men would fall for flattery easily. When she looked up, she realized the flight attendant was still standing in front of her.

Ashlyn shot the pretty flight attendant a smile. “Anything I can help you with?”

Jenny snapped back to reality upon hearing her question. “Oh, I just wanted to ask if you need anything else?”

“No,” Ashlyn said and shook her head. Looks like she has been charmed by Lucas as well. Otherwise, she wouldn’t look so dejected.

Jenny’s heart thumped almost uncontrollably. I saw it with my own eyes. Captain Nolan’s nickname is literally Iceberg. But why did he smile at that girl so warmly? She couldn’t hide the jealousy within her as she wondered who that girl was.

When she returned, she heard the other flight attendants talking about that incident.

“Oh, my. Captain Nolan really put a blanket on her!”

“Is she Mrs. Nolan?”

“But I thought they got married four years ago? Is Mrs. Nolan that young?”

“Yeah, I don’t think she’s his wife.”

When they saw Jenny coming over, they immediately stopped chattering.

Jenny’s feelings were in turmoil as she poured herself a cup of water and gulped it down.

Who on earth is that girl?

It was already four in the morning when the plane finally landed.

The day was breaking.

As the chilly breeze hit Ashlyn, she felt her body gradually getting cold.

She tightened the Ctene trench coat around her as she thanked Lucas silently for his foresight.

“Mr. White, I have a question,” Ashlyn said as she and Spencer walked to the shuttle bus waiting for them.


“When will Lucas sign the papers?” She looked up at the sky. “Will he sign it tomorrow?”

“Mrs. Nolan, I have no right to interfere in Mr. Nolan’s business,” Spencer responded cautiously. What’s that supposed to mean? She couldn’t help but think.

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