My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 160

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 160

The faint scent of sandalwood wafted over.

Behind the table was a screen with a drawing of a lady-in-waiting from historical times. The melodious harmony was coming from behind the screen.

The servers poured the two of them cups of tea before leaving the room.

Lucas let the beautiful music carry him away. His slender fingers softly tapped the tabletop in tandem with the rhythm.

Hera carefully blew on her steaming cup of tea as she watched the handsome Lucas.

When they entered the tea house, she had caught sight of several female customers and employees gazing at her with envy.

She could not help but revel in being the object of their jealousy.

She adored being the center of attention.

If only… We could stay like this forever.

As time slipped away, the harp continued to play, its tune just as captivating as ever.

After some time, Hera became impatient and huffed, “Lucas, do you think she’s just out to waste our time? It’s been over an hour and she still hasn’t shown her face.”

“Quiet.” Lucas shushed her expressionlessly.

He could discern wisps of loneliness threaded through the dulcet song.

The legendary genius of Ms. Saunders is in a league of its own. She might be the only person with the ability to comprehend it.

Suddenly, the music changed. It was now brash and ferocious. The sound barraged its listeners from all directions with its intensely brutal melody. The overwhelming gravity of the music’s aggression would ensnare anyone.

Lucas furrowed his brow. Ms. Saunders sure is…

At this moment, a sharp note marked the end of the music. The room fell silent.

Lucas’s cold lips murmured, “Ms. Saunders, my name is Lucas Nolan. You were introduced to me by Ashlyn Berry and Mrs. Field. We come before you with nothing but respect.”

The server from before knocked on the door before stepping into the room. He respectfully gestured towards Lucas and said, “Mr. Nolan, please come with me.”

As such, Lucas and Hera were led by the server to the other side of the screen.

They found the space empty. But the area past it was enormous. The server pulled aside a sheer curtain and they continued waking through. Along the way, they passed a large and ancient-looking bookshelf.

The bookshelf was filled to the brim with books, some of which were the only one of their kind.

After the bookshelf was an antique cabinet. Lucas’s eyes widened slightly at the sight of the numerous priceless antiques placed inside.

As they advanced further, they came across a room.

The entire journey so far had felt as though they had traveled back in time to the golden era.

The smell of parchment paper perforated the air. The intoxicating scent was enough to convince a person they had truly traveled back in time.

The server pushed open the door. The room inside was decorated with a sole dark red table. An antique bench was set down along every side of the table and a gently smoking incense burner sat atop the table.

A woman clad in bright red historical clothing was perched on one of the benches. She cradled a harp in her arms.

Her back was to them so her features remained a mystery.

However, she carried herself with unquestionable elegance and genteel.

Beside the woman was another older, middle-aged woman also dressed in historical attire. She was the epitome of dignity. Her deep red attire was embroidered with intricate peonies, giving her the look of a historical woman from high society.

The middle-aged woman grinned and was murmuring in a voice too low to pick up.

At the sound of the footsteps, the middle-aged woman lifted her gaze to meet Lucas. She smiled warmly and waved Lucas over. “Come here, Lucas. Let me introduce you to Madeline Saunders.”

Lucas’s frigid aura thawed slightly. “Thank you, Madam.” Lucas respectfully replied.

The middle-aged lady was a familiar face to him. She was none other than Joseph Field’s mother, Mrs. Field. She pointed at the bench nearby and instructed him to sit.

She patted the hands of the woman next to her. “Ashlyn, this is my nephew who’s been dying to meet you. He’s begged me multiple times and I had no choice but to oblige him by bringing him here.”

Hera was nothing but a wallflower throughout this interaction. Mrs. Field merely glanced past her before swiftly moving on.

She gritted her teeth and threw a look of indignance Mrs. Field’s way.

She was the wife of James Field. Her eldest son was uninterested in politics and insisted on entering the corporate world. He held the seat of honor as an executive of Nolan Group and possessed unimaginable authority.

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