My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 162

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 162

After checking the trending pages, Mrs. Field was boiling with rage.

How dare that wretched Hera cause a scene at the LX flagship store? She even slandered the LX brand! Worst of all, she even hit Ashlyn!

I won’t take this lying down. Since she came here of her own accord, she can’t blame me for teaching her a lesson for the sake of Ashlyn.

Hera’s face contorted in a mixture of humiliation and rage.

Her features twisted and flushed with the flurry of emotions she was experiencing.

How dare Mrs. Field reprimand me so harshly? If only I could fight back.

But even Mum has to keep her mouth shut and allow Mrs. Field to continuing hurling insults her way.

What’s so special about Ashlyn? How did she get Mrs. Field to become so protective of her?

Tears of indignance and fury surged in her eyes.

She turned to leave but heard Mrs. Field’s voice exclaim, “Do you think the Royal Tea House is someplace you can choose to enter and leave of your own free will? Apologize! You must apologize to Ashlyn!”

Mrs. Field’s influence was undeniable.

Hera looked at Lucas with shame, but he did not even bother to meet her gaze.

If I had known Madeline Saunders was Ashlyn, I never would have brought Hera to meet her, much less request for her to be Hera’s mentor.

Hot tears spilled from Hera’s eyes and she choked out, “It’s all her fault… Why must you treat me this way? What did I do wrong? Why should I apologize? Netizens are all scolding and ridiculing me, all because of her. She’s also the reason behind Glorious Group blacklisting me. I’m clearly the victim here so why should I be the one to apologize?”

Hera’s spiel only further enraged Mrs. Field.

She was about to speak when she was stopped by Ashlyn placing her hand on her wrist. “Sister, lower your hand.”


Ashlyn actually addressed Mrs. Field as Sister!

Lucas stiffened and his eyes flared in anger.

“How could you call her Sister!” Lucas yelled, incensed.

“Lucas, I told you to take a nicer tone with Ashlyn. Do you understand? Ashlyn is my god sister. You should be grateful I didn’t insist that you address her as Aunt! You should count your blessings!” Mrs. Field glared daggers at Lucas.

Lucas took a sharp intake of breath.


She’s only 22 years old, while I’m already 28. Yet I still have to address Mrs. Field with respect. Why is she allowed to call her Sister?

There’s clearly a mistake in seniority here!

His annoyance swelled but was halted before it could erupt.

Hera compared Ashlyn’s situation to her own. Look at my pathetic sorry state. No one even tries to sympathize with me.

She shook her head as her eyes brimmed with scalding tears. “This is so unfair!”

She turned and bolted out.

Lucas stood rooted to the ground, his incisive gaze remained locked onto Ashlyn.

Ashlyn lowered her gaze and her slender fingers closed over the handle of the teapot. She was currently elegantly pouring out tea for Mrs. Field as she soothed the older woman, “Have some tea, Sister.”

Mrs. Field sighed before accepting the cup of tea. “You’re too nice. Only you would allow such a mediocre creature to take advantage of you.”


Aunt! Are we talking about the same person?

The woman who has the ability to strike a man so hard he flew into the air. She’s nice?

Lucas inwardly bagged on her. But now that I think about it, Ashlyn has always been good with altering her personality to suit her audience. She probably acts all cute and innocent in front of Mrs. Field. It’s the only way Mrs. Field would be so taken with her!

I fell for her act during those four years as well.

Ashlyn took a sip of tea before lifting her gaze to see Lucas’s towering figure still seated. “Aren’t you going after her?” She asked curiously.

“I’m not going!”

The man suddenly jumped to his feet, grabbed Ashlyn by the arm and dragging her away from the table.

“Excuse me while I speak to Ashlyn privately. It’ll only take three minutes.”

Ashlyn’s wrist was trapped in Lucas’s grip. He was exerting a significant amount of strength and she felt pain shoot up her arm.

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