My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 163

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 163

He looks mad.

He practically hauled me out of the room.

Once the bathroom door clicked shut, Lucas exploded.

“Ashlyn! Explain! Explain yourself now!”

Sister? Madeline Saunders?

Lucas could not hold it together any longer.

Ashlyn regarded him quietly. His inky gaze was clouded over by storm clouds of hostility.

“Lucas, you never asked me about my relationship with Ms. Saunders. You also never asked me if I was her. How is this my fault?”

Ashlyn leaned back against the wall, her enchanting countenance shining with tranquil composure.

His arm held the back of her neck and his voice lowered to a dangerously menacing tone, “Are you blaming me? Are you blaming me for not paying attention to you? Or for not understanding you?”

Ashlyn returned his gaze with her own puzzled expression. “That wasn’t my intention at all, Lucas. Why would I need you to pay attention to me?”

“What more are you hiding from me, Ashlyn?” Lucas growled threateningly.

The hand which held her neck gripped it tighter. “Don’t make me guess anymore.”

“When did I make you guess? You’re the one who likes playing games. You’re also the one who sought out Ms. Saunders and begged to meet her.” Ashlyn wrenched her neck out of his uncomfortable hold.

“Mrs. Field is waiting for me. You better…Umph!”

Her lips were suddenly corked.

Mrs. Field was worried about Ashlyn and had come out looking for her when she saw the pair headed towards the bathroom.

When she arrived in front of the bathroom, she heard odd sounds coming from Ashlyn inside the bathroom.

I know all too well what sounds those are…

She was bewildered by this development.

What’s going on? Lucas and Ashlyn? Thinking back, I have to admit Lucas had a strange attitude towards Ashlyn.

I watched Lucas grow up and understand him fairly well. But I’ve never seen him care about anyone so much.

But isn’t Lucas married?

Could Ashlyn be…

Mrs. Field was dumbfounded.

The bathroom was dimly lit. Ashlyn was pressed against the wall, her face bright red.

Lucas glowered at her, jealousy screaming from his gaze. “Just how many people do you have in your heart? First Jared, then the twins, and now Mrs. Field. They all know you better than me…”

Jealousy was driving him up the wall.

I’m only a man.

After four years together, she’s the most familiar person to me in this sea of strangers.

Is there greater agony than this?

Ashlyn cut him off, “Lucas, during the four years we were married, I was never completely honest about myself because I felt it was unnecessary. You know best how our relationship was. You don’t love me and vice versa. You’ve also never looked into my background or cared about my family, hobbies and life in general. All you wanted was a wife to stay home and greet you every day you came home. So isn’t it rather ridiculous that now you stand here, screeching about how you don’t understand me? The only thing we’re familiar with about each other is our bodies. Nothing else.” Ashlyn turned her head away from the imposingly cold man.

She yanked the handle of the door and left.

When she returned to the room, the server at the entrance curtly informed her, “Ms. Berry, Mrs. Field had something to attend to and already took her leave. She wanted me to tell you.”

“Noted.” Ashlyn nodded before stepping into the room.

Lucas continued standing in the bathroom. A long time passed while he remained statuesque.

His heart was utterly vacant. Melancholic winds seemed to sweep in and out of the void.

In the Field family villa.

Joseph Field entered, closely followed by his mother.

He took in the historical garb she was dressed in and a headache immediately set in. “Mum, can you not always dress up in such weird get-ups? You’re no spring chicken anymore so why are you still trying to cosplay?”

“You know nothing.” Mrs. Field shot him a glare before tossing her custom-made historical costume onto the sofa and kicked off her embroidered slippers.

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