My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 167

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 167

“Yeah, you’re right. It’s too bad that she’s Jared’s girlfriend.”

“I wonder how Mrs. Nolan looks like, whether her gaze is gentle or sharp.”

“Oh, look! Our goddess and Ms. Oates are moving.”

All the netizens could not stop praising Ashlyn in the chatroom.

At that time, Ashlyn was trending on social media. The Most Outstanding One In A Private Gathering; The Beautiful Goddess Ashlyn

Meanwhile, Hera was in her room at the Chapman family villa as she dared not go out these days.

Feeling bored, she browsed her social media and saw the trending topic about Ashlyn.


Most socialites shunned her ever since she got into trouble. Although some of her friends kept in touch with her, they often mocked her indirectly.

Not only did she see Ashlyn’s news, but a few socialites also posted status about Ashlyn with a caption: Did she get plastic surgery? Is that why her face looks perfect?

An idea came to Hera’s mind when she saw this caption.

An evil smile spread across her face. Then she couldn’t help but send an email to that person again.

A few minutes later, the photos of Ashlyn before and after having plastic surgery went viral and became the top trending topic.

Numerous netizens tapped on it and saw many photos of Ashlyn’s ugly face before the plastic surgery versus her current photos.

The photo of her ugly face before the plastic surgery was jaw-dropping.

She had a pair of small eyes, a flat nose, tanned skin and a big mouth.

To make the matter worse, a certified plastic surgeon testified that Ashlyn had undergone plastic surgery for her entire face, which would have cost at least 500 thousand.

He even called Ashlyn ‘a plastic surgery freak’, who went to the extremes to entice men.

His insults toward Ashlyn were awful.

At that moment, Lucas just got off a plane. It was the beginning of the month, so he was on duty.

A group of cabin crew trailed behind him.

The tall and well-built man was dressed in a captain’s uniform, looking aloof yet dashing.

When Jenny switched on her phone, she saw a notification from her social media.

She promptly clicked on it as she read a familiar name.

“Captain Nolan.”

Running to catch up with Lucas, she raised her head to stare at the tall and striking man.

The man was exuding an unapproachable vibe all over.

He looked down at her and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Look…” Jenny plucked up her courage and lifted her phone in front of him. “Ashlyn had plastic surgery. A plastic surgeon compared her before and after photos and verified that she really did it.”

Lucas’s eyes were fixed on the screen, and his face turned grim all of a sudden.

It was full of hue and cry on the Internet, and the so-called plastic surgeon’s confirmation had been shared over ten thousand times.

His expression became increasingly sullen, and a storm was brewing in his darkened gaze.

Spencer cast a cautious glance at Lucas.

Mr. Nolan’s mood is visibly turning sour…

He’s getting restless, irritated and furious…

Lucas’s gaze grew more and more frigid. Then he instructed Spencer, “Get the manager of the Public Relations Department to deal with this matter right away.”

He added in a stern voice, “And that plastic surgeon too.”

Jenny was dumbstruck.

What does Lucas mean?

The proof of Ashlyn’s plastic surgery is right in front of his eyes, but he isn’t against Ashlyn.

He’s even helping Ashlyn to suppress this news.

Is he out of his mind?

He’s protecting an unfaithful gold digger who had undergone plastic surgery.

Jenny became anxious and could no longer hold back her emotions. “Captain Nolan, don’t you believe that Ashlyn went for plastic surgery? She made her face look perfect so that she could seduce men. She’s not a natural beauty.”

A sardonic laugh echoed above her head. “It doesn’t matter if she’s not a natural beauty, and I don’t care about her appearance. As long as she’s Ashlyn, she’ll be my wife.”

Jenny’s eyes turned red-rimmed. “But she cheated on you… She’s a loose woman!”

The man’s voice sounded as cold as ice. “She has her own circle of friends. I’m sure that she’ll never cheat on me. Stop slandering and ruining her reputation, or else I’ll make you pay for this.”

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