My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 168

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 168

Jenny yelled hysterically, “If she’s that great, why did you marry her in secret? Do your parents know about her? Will you dare let her live under the same roof as your parents? Don’t you think that your marriage is abnormal?”

Lucas looked daggers at her and remained silent for a moment.

“It’s none of your business. You have no right to talk about or meddle in our relationship.”

After saying this, the man immediately marched away and left her alone.

The other air stewardess shot glances of sympathy at Jenny. Has she gone crazy?

How dare she talk to Captain Nolan this way?

Something must be wrong with her. Even if she’s madly in love, she shouldn’t behave like a madwoman.

She’s only making Captain Nolan hate her more.

After that, the air stewardess walked past Jenny and ran toward Lucas to catch up with him.

Standing motionless, Jenny broke down and wailed.

Why does Lucas trust a bitch like Ashlyn unconditionally? He’s so protective of her.

Is he not afraid that Ashlyn would have an affair behind his back?

Ashlyn is his wife, but she swindles everyone under the guise of Jared’s girlfriend.

Soon after, the trending topic of Ashlyn’s plastic surgery disappeared.

Instead, the scandal about the plastic surgeon was exposed and spread all over the Internet.

He once caused the death of an average influencer during the operation. However, no one paid attention to the case because the influencer wasn’t popular.

As a result, the plastic surgeon settled the issue with only little compensation.

Someone discovered it, and it became the new trending topic.

All these happened within only half an hour.

The topic about Ashlyn’s plastic surgery had been reversed completely.

“So whatever this plastic surgeon said cannot be trusted.”

“This surgeon is a troublemaker. Why didn’t the influencer’s family sue him?”

“Perhaps she signed a consent agreement before the surgery, but she didn’t read it.”

“He has no regard for human life.”

“Ashlyn’s face seems very natural to me. Her facial expression doesn’t look stiff at all.”

The public opinion took a drastic turn.

At that moment, Ashlyn was still chatting with Sienna. She was clueless that there was a storm on social media because of her.

“Ms. Berry, let me introduce you to some of my friends. They’re in close collaboration with the Haddock Charity and donated a lot to the needy. I am amazed and grateful towards them,” Sienna said with a smile.

In fact, Sienna yearned for Madeline Saunders to join her. It’ll be best if I can merge Saunders Charity with the Haddock Group.

Ms. Saunders’ influence can greatly benefit the development of the Haddock Charity.

Hence, I have to win Ashlyn over first. I heard that this woman is only a pretty face, and she’s busty but brainless.

She’s indeed very stunning and elegant. I can use her stupidity to my advantage.

“I’m keen to meet them then,” Ashlyn replied impassively. “I always admire outstanding women like them.”

Sienna felt a sense of disdain in her heart. What a hypocrite.

Then she brought Ashlyn to mingle with the wealthy wives and showcased her diplomatic skills.

These wealthy wives were courteous toward Sienna, whose status and influence surprised Ashlyn.

Due to Ashlyn’s connection with Madeline Saunders, many of the wealthy wives greeted her enthusiastically while urging, “Please bring Ms. Saunders along next time so we’ll have the honor to meet her face to face.”

Ashlyn maintained an expressionless face, and her gaze was calm. She appeared modest yet dignified.

Nonetheless, some of them looked down on Ashlyn. She’s just a bimbo who depends on a man to make her way up. What’s the point of making friends with her?

Ms. Oates personally entertains her only to get in touch with Ms. Saunders through her.

Why is Ms. Saunders so close to her?

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