My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 17

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 17

After leaving the airport, Ashlyn and Spencer got into their car.

They waited for over 10 minutes before Lucas arrived.

Ashlyn knew he must be exhausted after the long flight.

As an understanding wife, I have to please him so he will agree to sign the divorce papers, she decided.

Immediately, she reached out to massage his shoulders. “Do you feel comfortable?”

The man took her hands. “Let me hold you for a while.”

He pulled her into his arms and closed his eyes to rest.

When the car finally reached the garage, Ashlyn realized Lucas was sound asleep on her shoulder.

Even when he was asleep, he looked astoundingly handsome.

His long, curly eyelashes were, of course, envied by many.

He had thrown his captain’s cap on the seat carelessly, but the uniform he had on complimented his figure perfectly.

Spencer was about to wake Lucas up, but Ashlyn stopped him by putting her finger at her lips. He got off the car quietly and left them both alone.

Ashlyn’s shoulder was aching as the man was leaning on it. However, she couldn’t bear to wake him up. Her eyes closed.

Being a pilot might seem like a dignified job, yet in reality, it was laborious.

After the plane took off, the pilots had to focus intently on their task so nothing would go wrong.

A slight mistake might lead to dire consequences.

Hey, I’m no saint. Why am I worried for him?

Ashlyn smiled wryly.

Am I contributing my last bit of duty as a wife right before our divorce?


Lucas was staring at the divorce agreement on his table in his office at Nolan Group.

When he wasn’t flying planes, he’d come to Nolan Group to handle some affairs.

South Star Airlines belonged to his grandmother, Wendy Webber’s family. None of the Webbers wanted to take over the family business.

The previous successor had two daughters, but one ended up being an artist while the other worked as a photographer.

Their jobs had nothing to do with the aviation industry.

In the end, they had to pass the business to Wendy. Her dying wish was that her family business would get passed down to the next generation.

A few years ago, Lucas took over South Star Airlines and promised his grandmother he’d take care of the Webber daughters for the rest of their lives. He had also promised South Star Airlines would flourish under him.

Lucas had his own plan, of course. He had taken over South Star Airlines, but years later, if the Webber daughters managed to produce an heir and brought him up well, he’d return the company to the Webbers.

To take over an airline company, he had to get to know the industry himself.

He was a responsible man. Once he decided to take on the task, he would do his best.

The same thing applied to his marriage. Since he had decided to get a divorce, he shouldn’t drag it out.

Lucas tightened his grip on the pen before he signed on the agreement.

After penning his signature, he summoned Spencer. “Give one copy to Ashlyn.”

“Mr. Nolan, did you really sign it?” Spencer gasped in horror. Their divorce was the last thing he wanted to happen.

“Why? You’re upset that I agreed to the divorce?” Lucas raised his brows.

Spencer took a deep breath before he answered, “No. I’ll give it to Ms. Berry now.”

Sigh, she’s no longer Mrs. Nolan, he thought sadly.

Meanwhile, Ashlyn was in Whitland Villa, typing on her laptop nimbly when someone knocked on the door.

She immediately slammed her laptop shut.

Spencer walked in. “Mr. Nolan has signed the divorce papers.”

“Great!” Ashlyn took the divorce agreement and let out a relieved smile. “Mr. White, please tell Lucas to be at the Registry Office at three in the afternoon. I’ll be waiting for him there.”

With that, she picked up her packed luggage and left the villa.

Spencer immediately called Lucas and repeated her words to him.

“Is she that eager to proceed with the divorce?” There was a lump in Lucas’ throat as he choked out unhappily.

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