My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 173

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 173

Mrs. Field’s reply came almost immediately. “It’s fine. We’ll wait for you.”

Back at the accident site, the crowd was recounting to the police how that pretty woman had apprehended those three men.

After hearing them out, one of the policemen asked, “So where is she?”

The crowd looked around for her but to no avail. “Eh? She was right here a moment ago!”

“Mr. Policeman, you have no idea how cool she was just now! And how gorgeous she is!”

“That’s right! For a moment there, I even thought that I was watching an action film!”

“Are you sure?” The police had their doubts about what the crowd had said. However, after confirming with the criminal police team, they said, “They really do seem to be that group of human traffickers we’ve put out a warrant of arrest for. Hurry up and take them away!”

Someone from the crowd had actually managed to take a video of Ashlyn kicking the car seat and ripping it out.

The moment he posted this video online, it immediately garnered the attention of the online community.

“Wow, she’s amazing! She looks so cool when she’s saving those kids!”

“Hey, am I the only one who thinks that she looks like Ashlyn?”

“Yeah, she does look like Ashlyn from behind!”

“But isn’t our Ashlyn just a dainty little princess?”

“That’s right…so this can’t be her.”

“No dress or high heels is going to stop Lyn from saving anyone!”

Just then, another video of Ashlyn beating up those human traffickers filmed by another passer-by was uploaded onto the Internet.

In this video, the woman’s moves were swift and precise, especially the part where she leaped into the air and kicked those two men.

What was even more impressive for the viewers was the shoulder throw that she ended with.

Afterwards…this gorgeous girl turned around…and all the viewers were flabbergasted.

“I’m f***ing losing my mind!”

“She really is Ashlyn!”

“Wow, I certainly didn’t expect you to be like this.”

“You’re so cool. You look like a superhero out of the movies!”

“Please accept my humble obeisance.”

“What a righteous goddess she is. I love her!”

“She apprehended a bunch of human traffickers and saved so many families from pain and misery. I’m so touched…”

“No! No! No! She’s saved countless families! I heard that those three human traffickers have abducted many more children.”

“Oh, my goddess, why do you enchant me so?”

“Not only did our goddess twirl her dress so beautifully, but she also even managed to keep everything beneath hidden! How did she do that?”

Ashlyn immediately began trending on Twitter once again.

#Goddess Berry Is A Martial Arts Expert#

#Goddess Berry Saves Children From Van#

#Ripping Off Car Seat With Bare Hands, Apprehending Human Traffickers#

#Are You Not Going To Make Your Debut, Our Righteous Goddess#

Even those netizens who had previously criticized Ashlyn were completely dumbfounded after watching the video.

“I’ve decided not to criticize her anymore in the future.”

“I think this wasn’t a publicity stunt because this video was uploaded by a passer-by.”

“Well, she couldn’t have been informed beforehand about something like an accident right? And how could she have known of the human traffickers and children inside the van? This means that she did everything on impulse… I hereby apologize for all the nasty things I’ve said about her in the past.”

“I admire all righteous people like her. I won’t accuse her of pulling publicity stunts and using money to make herself trending on Twitter. Neither will I accuse her of having done plastic surgery ever again! And she really had me with that furious expression in her eyes when she looked at those human traffickers!”

“I’m so moved by what Ashlyn’s done! Oh, I’m suddenly really jealous of Jared for having such a girlfriend!”

Just like that…

Jared became trending on Twitter as well.

#So Jealous Of Jared For Having A Girlfriend Like Ashlyn#

#Jared Must Have Saved The World In His Past Life To Deserve Her#

Jared, on the other hand, was completely mystified by this unexpected turn of events.

What happened?

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