My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 174

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 174

Who am I? What am I doing here?

Just then, Lake City’s official Twitter account posted a rather hilarious message saying, “We would like to thank this brave woman for stepping forward today and apprehending these human traffickers and saving those children. If you’re reading this message, please get in touch with us. Not only is there a fifty thousand dollar reward waiting for you, but so is a brocade flag commending you for your bravery! Thank you so much once again!”

This was a confirmation of what Ashlyn had done!

An official confirmation!

Netizens then began flooding the Lake City’s Twitter account with comments.

“Her name’s Ashlyn Berry. She’s Jared Quickton’ girlfriend. You’ll be able to get in touch with her if you contact the president of Centennial Healthcare.”

“Ashlyn’s so cool!”

“Wow, even Lake City’s official Twitter account is commending Lyn for her actions.”

“Lyn is so cool!”

Ashlyn, on the other hand, had just parked her Land Rover outside the Field family house.

The Field family was staying in a home meant for government officials’ family members. Most of the people staying here were government officials.

All of the houses were separate stand-alone cottages. Although it was no match for Lucas’ villa, it was clean, tidy and rather spacious.

The moment Ashlyn got out of her car, the Director of the police force drove into the courtyard. “Director!” his driver yelped, “Look there! She’s the superheroine!”

The director’s brows furrowed. “What superheroine?”

As the driver watched Ashlyn walk into Mr. Field’s house, he spluttered, “She’s…she’s the superheroine who apprehended those human traffickers and saved those children!”

The director’s eyes immediately began gleaming. “Are you sure?”

Ashlyn walked into the Field family house with the gifts she had bought in hand.

Upon hearing her footsteps, Mrs. Field came out to welcome her, “You’re finally here, Ashlyn.”

“The traffic was a little congested,” Ashlyn grinned before nonchalantly shoving her gift into Mrs. Field’s hands, “This is for you and Brother-in-law.”

As Mr. Field got to his feet, he was greeted with the sight of a slender and gorgeous woman. She was, however, dressed rather casually.

With her white dress, white heels and long hair tied to the back, she looked as exquisite as a little fairy who had just walked out a forest.

Mrs. Field had complimented Ashlyn’s good looks multiple times in front of him. However, he certainly hadn’t expected her to be so beautiful.

“Please, make yourself at home.”

Ashlyn nodded in Mr. Field’s direction. “Hello, Brother-in-law.”

Mr. Field exuded the aura of a gentleman. He was rather slim, unlike many other paunchy middle-aged man.

Tall and lanky; it was clear that he was once a dashing young lad himself.

Mr. Field, on the other hand, was rather unaccustomed to a girl, who was even younger than his son, addressing him as Brother-in-law.

He couldn’t help but lament his wife’s antics internally.

Mrs. Field was instantly stunned after opening up the present and spotting the branded pair of couple’s watches laying silently inside. “Ashlyn, why did you get such an expensive present?”

“It wasn’t that expensive. They’re just watches,” Ashlyn replied airily.

“Ashlyn,” Mr. Field said as he gazed at his wife exasperatedly, “We’re the ones who are asking you for a favor. You certainly didn’t need to get us a gift.”

What a polite child!

No wonder Honey likes her so much.

Upon hearing the commotion downstairs, Joseph and Lucas walked out of the study room.

“Come here and greet your Aunty, you little rascal,” Mrs. Field barked.


Are you really my mother?

You want me to address a girl who’s younger than me as Aunty?

You might as well end me here right now!

Ashlyn’s gaze bypassed the tall and dashing Joseph and landed on the man standing behind him. The pilot’s uniform that he was clad in was wrapped tightly around his tall and broad body, accentuating his perfect figure.

Coupled with his cold and aloof face, he was so handsome that one could barely look him in the eye.


What’s he doing here as well? And why is he in pilot uniform?

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