My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 176

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 176

It was often said that accompanying one’s sovereign was like accompanying a tiger. In that case, Mr. Field was both the sovereign and the tiger of Riverdale.

Mrs. Field was starting to feel a bit awkward as well. She opened her mouth, planning to smooth out the situation when a cold female voice rang out.

“Don’t you worry, Charles. If you put me in charge of the celebrations later, I can promise you that it’d be a night to remember.”

Mr. Field raised an eyebrow. “What are you planning to do?”

Ashlyn tilted her head slightly. Her gorgeous eyes twinkled like crystals under the LED lighting, almost blinding whoever was looking at her.

“The name ‘Madeline Saunders’ must be a magnet for many people. However, the other performers’ efforts are all going to be buried under that glaringly bright name. They’ll be ignored by the audience; their efforts forgotten. You can use her name to bring in one audience’s attention, but will you be able to do that next year? What about the year after that?”

Her words made complete sense and sent them into deep thought.

James Field couldn’t help himself. “Please continue.”

Ashlyn paused before saying, “What we need is an event that will totally blow the entire audience’s minds. It has to be memorable enough that it will sear Lake City and our performers into everyone’s minds forever. Then they’ll definitely be looking forward to next year. Our views will only come with detailed planning, not from making a one-time attention grabber.”

James nodded. “You’re right. As expected of you young people. You’re full of good ideas.”

Fae’s face was gleaming with pride. “Of course! That’s my baby sister.”

She genuinely adored Ashlyn.

Lucas exhaled slightly. When he looked at Ashlyn, a surge of warmth entered his cold stare.

She was filled with life and practically glowed while talking just now.

She was stunning.

It was as if she had a halo around her.

Joseph was clearly taken aback. This young lady is pretty smart!

“James, I’d like to be involved in stage design. I have to be in charge of all the stage lights, effects, etc.” Ashlyn wasn’t asking for permission, she was making a statement. There seemed to be zero room for disagreement.

This strength she had in her words gave James a slight shock. What a cocky stare! What an arrogant tone! If it were from anyone else, he would certainly have been irked. However, when it came from the pretty girl in front of him, he couldn’t find it in himself to be angry. In fact, he was even more impressed.

Lucas was right next to Ashlyn, and his hand slowly wrapped around Ashlyn’s. His rough fingertips caressed hers gently.

Ashlyn gnashed her teeth.

I mean business here. What the hell are you doing?

She wriggled out of his grasp, but he held on even tighter.

Ashlyn thought about how she had accidentally stepped on the wrong person’s foot back in Bayview Villa and slowly put her raised heel down.

It would be pretty bad if she accidentally stepped on someone else again.

Especially since it was the first time she came to the Field household.

Lucas held onto her hand happily as he passed her a shrimp from the salad. “Try this. It’s really fresh.”

Then, he cut off a slice of his own steak and put it on her plate. “This is one of Fae’s best dishes, mashed potatoes and steak.”

He was close enough to the Field family that he came to eat with them often.

They had a maid, but Fae cooked rather regularly as well. Naturally, Fae had made some of her best dishes to welcome Ashlyn.

“This, too. It’s really good.” Lucas continued passing Ashlyn different dishes from the table with an expressionless face. Despite that, the way he acted clearly showed how much he adored Ashlyn.

He probably didn’t realize how tender he looked as he placed dishes into Ashlyn’s plate.

He was as different as could be from the usual Lucas, who was cold and unfriendly.

The Field family were pretty familiar with Lucas. To whom had he took care of so lovingly before?

No one, that’s who.

The three of them looked at each other. They had known that Lucas treated Ashlyn differently than he treated anyone else, but this was way too much of a difference.

Fae was pretty unhappy. In fact, she was feeling a ton of things at once. However, she didn’t dare to show any of it.

“Don’t give me any more. I’m getting full.” Ashlyn turned slightly to look at Lucas.

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