My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 178

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 178

“Ms. Berry, you really are an admirable woman.” Chief Chase hadn’t imagined that Ashlyn would be this gorgeous.

One of the policemen behind him was filming her on his phone, and even asked James and Chief Chase to stand next to Ashlyn for a photo.

Ashlyn didn’t know why they were making such a huge deal.

Fae, on the other hand, was overjoyed. “Ashlyn, is that why you told us you were delayed on the way home? You were out catching criminals, huh? How amazing! You did a great job.”

Joseph watched everything unfold with wide eyes.

How spectacular was this woman?

Even someone like James, who had seen more than a few bigshots in his lifetime, was kind of taken aback. If anyone else had accomplished such a thing, they’d have been bragging about it and trying to busk in the limelight.

But she had stayed silent this whole time since coming home.

If it weren’t for Chief Chase stumbling across her car, would she have stayed silent about it all the way?

Lucas stayed to one side quietly. His cold features thawed slightly with some emotion, which seemed to only appear whenever he saw Ashlyn.

Of course, his wife was the best.

“Alright, since you’re so adamant on not receiving the prize money, we’ll donate it to the Haddock Charity under your name, Ms. Berry,” Chief Chase said.

Fae didn’t have a very good impression of the Haddock Group and couldn’t stop herself from asking, “Chief Chase, Fae is actually pretty close to Madeline Saunders. What about just donating it to the Saunders Charity instead?”

“Mrs. Field, that’s a pretty good idea. We’ll donate it to the Saunders Charity then.” Chief Chase wasn’t about to say no.

As if just anyone could stop by Mr. Field’s house to have a meal.

Chief Chase was smart. After chatting with James for a while longer, he left with his men in tow.

After walking out, he instantly commanded Jenny to upload the video taken just now on Twitter.

“We must spread Ms. Berry’s positivity around. She’ll be a good role model for the citizens. After all, it’s quite rare to see such a genuinely chivalrous person in our society.”

“Yes, Chief.”

Back in the living room, Joseph was looking at his phone. “Those little punks want to meet up at Sparrow. Lucas, you up for it?”

“You can go, just don’t drink too much,” Fae reminded.

Lucas looked at Ashlyn. “You?”

Fae’s heart clenched with worry. “Ashlyn’s just a young lady. She shouldn’t go.”

Lucas’s eyes glazed over frostily as he directed a cold stare at Fae. Her spine prickled nervously when James said, “You young people should meet with other young people more often. Ashlyn, go ahead.”

Lucas’ expression finally warmed up slightly before reaching a large hand toward Ashlyn.

Ashlyn instinctively stepped back. “I can walk on my own, thanks.”

After James had spoken up, she didn’t feel like it was appropriate to turn him down.

She wasn’t the type to beat around the bush and act all indecisive.

As she watched the three youngsters walk off, Fae asked worriedly, “Don’t you think Lucas is planning to do something to Ashlyn?”

“You shouldn’t worry too much about youngsters. To me, it’s a pretty good thing. Have you ever heard of Lucas falling for anyone before?” James saw through them pretty quickly. “Besides, Ashlyn here…to me, she’s not showing everything on the surface. She isn’t like most girls.”

Lucas had drunk a little during dinner, so he couldn’t drive.

At first, Ashlyn was supposed to go there in Joseph’s car. Joseph leaned out of the window and called out, “Ms. Berry, you can sit in my car!”

Ashlyn was thinking about it when a large hand suddenly wrapped around her tiny waist and pulled her into the backseat.

His tall stature pressed close next to her.

Ashlyn fell silent.

Did he have to be so overbearing?

She was under the impression that she had already made things very clear back in Royal Tea House.

However, by the looks of Lucas’ actions, he still didn’t get it.

On the way home, only Joseph tried to make some small talk as the other two stayed silent.

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