My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 179

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 179

Joseph felt like the other two basically saw him as a driver.

Lucas’ large hand occasionally caressed Ashlyn’s small waist. Her figure was pretty fit, with not an inch of flab to be found.

The skin beneath her white dress was as flawless as white jade.

In the deep velvet of the night’s darkness, her beauty was even more striking.

Lucas’ breathing started becoming heavy.

Ashlyn was on high alert and she felt the man beside her slowly change. She turned, silently moving away from him.

It was her way of soundlessly turning him down.

When Lucas felt Ashlyn’s waist leave his grip, he felt a sudden sense of loss.

He seemed to be unable to control himself, reaching out once again. Ashlyn’s hand shot out and gripped his wrist instantly. “Lucas. That’s enough.”

Joseph was still driving, but his ears were perked. He managed to get a glimpse of what was going on in the backseat through the rearview mirror.


What’s going on?

Lucas’ voice was pressed deep and raspy as he whispered with sultry eyes, “Honey, quit playing around.”

Joseph nearly crashed his car into the nearest lamppost.


What was that?


Was Ashlyn his best friend’s ex-wife?

What a weird turn of events.

Was he joking?

“Lucas, we’ve already gotten divorced,” Ashlyn said clearly as she stared into his eyes.

“So what?” Lucas said, his eyes narrowed and his aura grew threatening.

“We’re divorced. That means we’re no longer together.”

The car had arrived at Sparrow. Sparrow was a club that was frequented by rich young men.

Naturally, the prices were ridiculously expensive.

Ashlyn brushed off Lucas’ hand from her waist and pulled open the door before walking off.

Lucas immediately followed.

The three of them, including Joseph, walked toward their private room.

The moment the door opened, the people sitting inside stood up to greet them. Only Winsor stayed seated.

Lyanna glanced at the girl next to Lucas quickly.

Her heart instantly sank.

She was pretty, down-to-earth, and overall stunning.

Every single one of her features was perfect and her face was dainty. She was almost dazzlingly gorgeous.

Her skin was fair and her neck shapely, like a swan’s. Her body was tall, tight and slim, with curves in all the right places.

Her white dress complimented her gorgeous features so well, it almost seemed like she was a goddess that descended down to earth.

She was the kind of girl who would fire up any man’s burning desire.

Winsor glanced at the doorway casually. The moment his eyes landed on Ashlyn, he got excited.

He walked toward Lucas, which left the others confused. Since when had Winsor become so chummy with Mr. Nolan?

Then, they heard Winsor’s enthusiastic voice. “Ms. Berry, why didn’t you tell me you were coming? You could have called me! If I’d known you were coming, then I’d have picked you up at the entrance myself!”

The others looked at him, even more confused. They’d never seen Winsor act so enthusiastically toward anyone before. He clearly wasn’t being friendly toward Mr. Nolan, either. He was trying to flirt with this young lady.

To be fair, she was very pretty.

Almost unfairly pretty.

After he finished rambling, Winsor reached out and tried to grab Ashlyn’s hand. However, Lucas acted quickly and stepped forward, blocking Ashlyn from Winsor’s creepy glare. “Ignore him,” he said, gesturing for Ashlyn to sit on one of the couches.

Ashlyn glanced briefly at Winsor. “Winsor Jaquin,” was all she bothered to say.

The others were taken aback again. In all of Lake City, there weren’t many people who dared to call Winsor by his full name.

Who was she to immediately call him by his name?

Lyanna scoffed inwardly. Just wait.

Do you really think you can get all high and mighty because he treated you a little better?

She looked up to see Winsor all smiley-eyed at Ashlyn. “Ms. Berry, what would you like to drink? Wine or something else?”


Was he not angry?

Lucas started getting agitated simply by watching Winsor act like Ashlyn’s dog.

He started frowning.

His large hand automatically wrapped around Ashlyn’s waist, silently showing his dominance.

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