My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 182

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 182

“Unfortunately, I don’t think we’re actually friends.” Ashlyn interrupted Lyanna mid-sentence.

A certain gleam flashed across Ashlyn’s lovely eyes. “It’s your birthday today, Ms. Larson. I know that all of you will call me a bully if my request is too much, but I won’t tolerate the blatant disrespect your brother showed me just now.”

Lyanna looked at Ashlyn, forcing herself to smile pleasantly. “Then what are you asking for, Ms. Berry?”

Everyone could hear Ashlyn’s cold voice ring throughout the private room clearly. “The Larsons have a plot of land in the southern outskirts of the city. That particular piece of land isn’t worth a lot because it’s abandoned and located in a remote area. A lot of people have been negotiating with Mr. Larson to purchase it recently, but he just kept increasing the price until it currently stands at one hundred and fifty million. If you’re truly keen on making it up to me, how about this? I’ll buy that piece of land for eighty million.”

Everyone was shocked at her impeccable logic and crystal clear reasoning.

Damian gnashed his teeth in frustration upon hearing Ashlyn’s request. “You—”

Lyanna tugged him back warningly. “Don’t be impulsive, Damian.”

She then looked at Ashlyn and said politely, “This is a matter that concerns business, Ms. Berry. I’m afraid that neither my brother nor I can decide on that. You’ll have to meet my father personally.”

At this point, Lucas was nearly green with envy. His mind was churning with thoughts.

If she wants land, I’ve got plenty of it too! I don’t even want my money, she can just take it all!

Why is she so obsessed with the Larsons’ worthless piece of land anyway?

It was infuriating. The frustration boiled in his veins quietly until Lucas felt like he would go mad with the annoyance of it all.

“Goddess, are you sure you have eighty million?” Winsor asked worriedly, looking at Ashlyn anxiously. “That’s eighty million you’re talking about.”

Nobody else in the room actually believed that Ashlyn could produce eighty million on a whim. Naturally, the Larson siblings were no exception. That was why Lyanna urged Damian to be calm and bide his time.

“Of course, I have the money. After all, I have every intention of buying that land.” Ashlyn’s expression remained frigid. “Eighty million. No more, no less. I know that the Larsons won’t gain anything by hoarding that piece of land either.”

Gritting his teeth tightly, Damian stared at Ashlyn. “Is it right for you to be so pushy, Ms. Berry?”

Ashlyn blinked innocently. “Is it right for Mr. Larson to raise the price of the land every time someone comes to negotiate?”

While Lucas did not know why Ashlyn was dead set on purchasing that particular piece of land, he did keep it in mind. In the next moment, he made a call to the Larson patriarch, putting it on speaker. “Mr. Larson, if I were to purchase that piece of land on the outskirts of the city, what’s the price you can offer me for it?”

Mr. Larson’s overly excited voice was heard through the speakers, threaded with a hint of disbelief. “Mr. Nolan? Well, that piece of land is almost a thousand hectares, but it isn’t worth very much because of its location. You’ve always had a good eye for property though, Mr. Nolan. Why are you interested in this particular plot of land?”

Lucas’s voice was impatient. “Cut the chatter. Just tell me how much you want for it?”

“If it’s for you, Mr. Nolan, I can give you the lowest price for it—fifty million.”

“I’ll send my assistant over tomorrow to sign the papers.” As soon as he was done speaking, Lucas hung up the phone with a click.

At this point, Lyanna and Damian’s expressions could only be described as ugly and uglier, as if they were just slapped in the face by someone in public.

It was one thing to discreetly make acquaintances with Lucas and get in his good graces. It was another thing entirely to see their father practically fall over himself to flatter and accommodate that same arrogant man who thought he was better than the rest of them.

Lyanna grew up as the center of attention in her world. In school, she was the prettiest girl. In university, she was the most desirable young woman. When she started to make a career in the entertainment industry, she became a highly sought-after actress, secure on her pedestal.

Therefore, this was her first time being so shamefully humiliated in public. She shot a look of both anger and embarrassment at Lucas.

The man did not hesitate to trample viciously all over her dignity just to help Ashlyn. Even if it was her birthday, he still did not bother to show her a single shred of respect.

On the other hand, Damian just stared at Lucas in shock.

The Larsons were always looking for a good opportunity to suck up to the Nolan family. If Joseph did not like Lyanna, the Larsons probably would not have been deemed worthy enough to present themselves before Lucas.

Although all of them grew up together and went to the same school, it was an unspoken fact that Lucas regarded only Joseph as a close friend. A natural extrovert, Joseph was a social butterfly who liked to make friends. Everyone who wanted to win Lucas’s favor would flatter Joseph as well. Naturally, the rest of them proceeded to defer to these two men as the leaders of their group.

However, Lucas was notoriously difficult to get along with. Winsor still made a point of gathering with them regularly, but he did so purely just to spite Lucas. The two of them had been rivals since their schooling days. Even now, they were still at each other’s throats.

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