My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 183

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 183

Damian never expected Lucas to fall out with them just for the sake of a woman. Everyone else gathered here was also utterly shocked by Lucas’s actions. Even Joseph was startled.

Is Lucas always so domineering?

His current attitude was no different than the mad kings of old who led their kingdoms to ruin.

Arching her fine brows, Ashlyn swept a contemptuous look over everyone gathered in the room. She lifted her hand elegantly to cover a yawn. “I’m tired, Lucas. Send me home.”

As soon as she was finished speaking, everyone watched in shock again as Lucas proceeded to stand up slowly and escort her to the entrance.

Joseph rose to his feet as well, shooting an apologetic look at Lyanna. “I promise I’ll explain it to you another time, Lyanna. Damian, you really shouldn’t have insulted Ashlyn like that.”

He left the room. The other escorts accompanying the wealthy men here whispered among themselves jealously, staring enviously at Ashlyn’s retreating figure.

No one could deny that good looks were an unfair advantage.

One of the women whispered, “Hey, she’s called Ashlyn, right? I think I saw her trending again today.”

“Trending where?” Winsor hurriedly pulled his phone out, opening Twitter and scrolling frantically. “Well, I’ll be damned,” he swore in surprise.

“What? What is it?” Everyone started to ask curiously.

Winsor displayed the screen of his phone for them to see, smug as anything. “Our goddess just took a picture with Mr. Field and Chief Chase. She was awarded a silk banner today.”

Everyone else promptly pulled out their phones and started scrolling through Twitter as well.

“Man, I can’t believe she’s so skilled in combat!”

“Dude, forget that! She saved a couple of kids and caught the human trafficker behind the entire thing too!”

“Wow, she really is committed to upholding justice, huh?”

“Well, of course. You don’t see Chief Chase personally handing out silk banners every day, do you? That would already be cool enough, but she got a photo op with Mr. Field too!”

“Okay, but what about her origins? She can be the new female avenger, but that won’t necessarily mean that she comes from an upstanding family,” a woman said. Her comment sparked another wave of heated discussion from the crowd.

Standing alone in front of her magnificent cake, Lyanna could only fume impotently. It was her birthday today.

She was supposed to be the center of attention. Everyone was supposed to be gathering here to celebrate her birthday.

How dare everybody just ignore me like that?

They were all talking about Ashlyn. Even if the other woman was no longer in the room, she still managed to snatch the spotlight away from Lyanna.

Lyanna’s birthday party was all but ruined now, thanks to Ashlyn.

Cursing Ashlyn’s name bitterly, Lyanna grabbed her bag and stormed out of the private room in a huff, slamming the door behind her.

Damian hurriedly chased after his sister.

Lyanna’s sudden departure finally snapped the crowd out of their fervent discussion.

“Hey, the cake hasn’t been cut yet!”

“She didn’t make a wish either!”

When Ashlyn left the private room, she was walking quickly. Lucas caught up to her in a few long strides and grabbed her wrist tightly. “I already bought that piece of land for you—why aren’t you happy?”

Ashlyn stopped walking, throwing a venomous glare at him. “I could have bought it myself. You didn’t have to give it to me as a gift.”

“I’ll transfer the land directly under your name tomorrow,” Lucas said forcefully.

Joseph caught up to them just in time to hear Lucas say that. He shook his head. Lucas truly was a mad king willing to do anything for his queen. A piece of land worth fifty million meant nothing to him if it was a gift for her.

Despite himself, Joseph was curious. “Ms. Berry, what are you going to do with all this land?”

Ashlyn’s gaze drifted to the world outside the doors. “I’m not telling you that.”

The three of them left the club together. Joseph resigned himself to being the driver. He heard the two of them speak up at the same time as soon as they got into the car.

“Bayview Villa.”

“Whitland Villa.”

“Can you two please make up your minds?” Joseph could already feel the oncoming migraine. “Ladies first.”

Lucas’s frigid voice was unyielding. “She’s not going anywhere except back with me to Whitland Villa.”

Lucas’s gaze was disdainful when he looked at Joseph. While Joseph was his best friend, he was definitely less reliable than his assistant, Spencer.

“Lucas, don’t you dare do what I think you’re planning.” Ashlyn snarled as she glared at Lucas, feeling her humiliation turn into anger. She knew that he was hoping to get lucky with her in bed tonight. “There’s no way I’m going back with you.”

Snorting coldly, Lucas met her glare with one of his own, making sure she could see the darkly irritated look in his eyes. “You will come home with me. Don’t take me for a fool—I know you’re planning on fooling around with Jared at Bayview Villa.”

His pointed words were both bitter and jealous at the same time.

Joseph was doing a very good job at pretending he was suddenly deaf. He wondered how Lucas could still lord over Ashlyn so blatantly when Lucas already knew that Ashlyn was Jared’s girlfriend.

But that doesn’t make sense either!

Joseph was under the impression that Whitland Villa was Lucas and his missus’s little love nest. Lucas was so annoyingly secretive about the place that he never even allowed Joseph—his best friend—to visit the villa at all.

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