My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 184

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 184

If Ashlyn followed Lucas home, she would just be offering herself up to Mrs. Nolan’s wrath on a silver platter. Joseph sighed again. Maybe Mrs. Nolan has already moved out. Lucas is divorced, after all.

It’s got to be like that. How else can Lucas bring Ashlyn home so casually?

Ashlyn pursed her lips. She turned to glance at Lucas, trailing her eyes across his sculpted features, precise and coldly handsome. It was an undeniable fact that this damned man was as good-looking as they came.

She could not help but struggle. “Let go of me—oh—”

Ashlyn found her lips occupied before she could make another sound. Lucas kissed her hungrily, devouring her lips with fervent intensity. She welcomed him in with a sigh. The taste of him silenced all of her protests. She knew that if she threw any further tantrums, he was going to literally kiss her to death.

Joseph’s eyes widened. To put it delicately, this was wild.

He did not know that Lucas could be so feral.

Directly kissing a woman into submission? Now that was something he could grudgingly respect.


Joseph floored the gas pedal, speeding along hurriedly until they reached the gates of Whitland Villa.

When Lucas finally released Ashlyn, she was a gloriously disheveled mess with a swollen lip and flushed cheeks.

Opening the door without another word, Lucas practically dragged Ashlyn out of the car. His hand was locked on her wrist, preventing any chance of escape.

Ashlyn let him lead her away unwillingly. She wanted to struggle, but her traitorous body refused to listen to her, feeling weak all over.

She could even feel the Spirogyra squirming excitedly through her blood. Feeling all that frantic wriggling terrified her as if the Spirogyra would burst from her veins anytime, puncturing her arteries and leaving her to bleed to death.

That was why Ashlyn obeyed Lucas quietly, fearful of what might happen if she resisted. Her body was as feverishly heated as Lucas’s kisses, and her legs quivered as if they would give way anytime.

Her unsteady footsteps stumbled as Lucas pulled her toward him insistently.

Dark with desire, Lucas’s eyes roved over Ashlyn’s flushed face hungrily, drinking in her features that were as alluring as any flower in full bloom.

His lips turned upwards in a wicked smile as anticipation built in his chest. A forceful tug of his hand brought Ashlyn crashing into his arms. He swept her off her feet easily, hoisting her in his arms bridal style. “I love it when you show your sensitive side.”

Lucas smirked. A single touch is all it takes to tame you.

Ashlyn glared at him viciously, but there was no actual strength behind it. In her current condition, she could only lie limply in his arms. Lucas only found her feistiness an added challenge, every knit and furrow of her brows a devastating arrow to his heart. His abdomen ached with the force of his desire.

Back in the car, Joseph watched Lucas’s figure retreat into the house after scooping Ashlyn into his arms.

Lucas is definitely divorced. There isn’t any other explanation. Joseph thought in disbelief.

He rubbed his arms sheepishly, shaking his head at the unsolicited public display of affection.

“Nice to see you two don’t need to come up for air,” he mused out loud. “What’s the rush, anyway?”

Pursing his lips, Joseph turned the car around and left.

Half a world away in her apartment, Lyanna was standing on her balcony, a lit cigarette in her hand.

Damian looked at her worriedly. “Lyanna—”

“Shut up.” Lyanna threw him a cold look. “You idiot! Why did you have to run your mouth and insult that whore?”

“I couldn’t stand it. I was angry for you too,” Damian said frustratedly. “I mean, you’ve liked Lucas for so many years now. How can you bear to watch her put her paws all over him like that?”

“That doesn’t mean I need you to interfere either.” Lyanna took a long drag on her cigarette, still glaring icily at him. “You better think before you speak next time, or I’ll tell dad about everything you’ve done behind his back—every single thing. I can’t wait to see how he’s going to deal with you then.”

“Lyanna—Lyanna, please forgive me. I swear I’ll listen to you next time.” Damian said hurriedly, blood draining from his face.

Lyanna had always been the ambitious one as well as the family favorite. Ever since they were young, Damian always listened to her.

Although she was the model younger sister in public, always addressing him respectfully with the appropriate titles, everyone in the Larson family knew that Lyanna was the actual mastermind behind any scheme that involved the two siblings.

Slowly exhaling a ring of smoke, Lyanna said, “I don’t care what else you get up to outside, but don’t meddle in any of my business.”

“But, Lyanna, I think Lucas is serious about that woman,” Damian said cautiously, watching Lyanna’s expression carefully.

“So what?” Lyanna inhaled a lungful of smoke vengefully. “A whore will always roll in the gutters. Unlike her, I have a good family background and societal standing. What can Ashlyn do that I can’t? There isn’t any man in this world that I can’t conquer.”

“There are literally so many other people who want to date you, Lyanna. Why are you so obsessed with throwing away your dignity to chase after Lucas?”

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