My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 186

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 186

Ashlyn was already walking for five minutes now. She had made it out of the villa district but was not able to hail a cab yet.

She was feeling irritated when her phone rang insistently.

It was Lucas. She pressed the answer button.

“Where did you go, damn it?”

The cold voice that reached her ears conveyed its master’s unamused mood quite adequately.

“What do you want?” Ashlyn’s tone was even ruder than Lucas’s.

Holding his phone to his ear, Lucas’s expression darkened noticeably. He was carrying a bag of fresh seafood that he bought from the morning market.

He had decided to go to the market this morning to buy fresh seafood just for Ashlyn.

And yet, this was how she decided to repay him, by vanishing without so much a single explanation.

When he returned to the villa and found the house empty, he flew into a terrible mood.

He went through a rapid series of emotions, ranging from frustration, irritation, panic, and maybe even the slightest hint of disappointment.

That led to him calling Ashlyn immediately.

“Where are you?”

“Going home.”

Hearing Ashlyn’s annoyed voice inexplicably made Lucas feel better. “Home? What home? Your home is right here.”

He put the bag of fresh seafood into the kitchen, striding to the living room to pick up his car keys before heading out. “I’m coming to fetch you now.”

Well, I don’t need you to. Ashlyn was about to retort when she heard Lucas end the call. The beeping sound of the disconnect tone reached her ears.

He hung up on her, just like that. Ashlyn was furious, but she put her phone into her pocket and continued walking forward, hoping that she could find a cab before Lucas got here.

Unfortunately for her, the surrounding areas were entirely villa districts. Cabs were rarely seen here, if ever.

In the distance, Ashlyn could already see Lucas’s Bentley speeding towards her. He pulled up beside her with a loud screech.

Under his straight nose, Lucas was pressing his lips together tightly. He opened the car door and pulled Ashlyn inside without another word. Obviously, he was in a foul mood.

He growled angrily. “Why didn’t you wait for me to come home?”

However, his frown suddenly eased when his gaze landed on her. His dark eyes swept over her from head to toe. Ashlyn looked different today.

The black shirt she wore looked very familiar, almost like it was one of his. The same could be said for the khaki slacks she sported. The oversized shirt hung loosely on her slender frame, tied in a messy knot above her waist that exposed a hint of fair skin.

A thick man’s belt held up her loose slacks, flattering her slim waist and tempting him to see if he could close his entire hand around it. She had casually folded up the over-long pant legs as well, exposing her delicately pale ankles.

These clothes were supposed to be men’s formal wear and yet Ashlyn managed to make them look like the perfect vacation ensemble.

She had done her hair in an intricate braid that hung in front of her chest loosely. If someone gave her a hat to complete the look, she was all set to be lounging by the beach instead of walking beside the road.

There was no way else to describe it. Ashlyn was beautiful. Even wearing his clothes, she was drop-dead gorgeous.

In fact, the thought of her wearing his clothes was enough to make Lucas swallow in anticipation, feeling a pleasant heat build in the pit of his stomach.

That thought alone was enough to make him feel burn with longing, feeling unbearable heat snake through his stomach intimately.

Lucas stared at her domineeringly. “Have you ever wore any other men’s clothes?”

Ashlyn just glanced at him, baffled. “Are you out of your mind? Why would I do that?”

Does that mean she hasn’t? Lucas felt his originally envious heart soar victoriously but kept his expression neutral.

He just sneered coldly, sparing another glance at her. She only wore his clothes before. Lucas turned to look at her fully, committing the sight to memory. Their tumultuous relationship remained messily tangled and undeniably close, just the way he liked it.

On the other hand, Ashlyn was questioning Lucas’s sanity. She had no idea why he suddenly seemed so angry in one moment before looking extremely happy in the next. Whatever it was, he was annoyingly prone to mood swings like these since their divorce.

“I wanted breakfast.” Lucas hoisted her bodily into the car. “So I went out to buy some ingredients.”

His hands tightened on the steering wheel imperceptibly. “Why did you leave?”

“Why wouldn’t I leave? You woke me up so rudely.” Ashlyn said mutinously. Lucas was making her already frayed nerves unravel even more quickly.

She needed her sleep to function. When they were still married, Lucas was careful to make as little noise as possible when he had to wake earlier for work so that he would not wake her.

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