My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 192

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 192

Ashlyn Berry’s footsteps were soft, but every ruffle her heels made against the mat was clearly heard by everyone in the room.

The domineering yet grim aura of that woman was thrumming in the air.

Everyone could feel chills traveling down their spines.

Blair Nolan, who laid motionless on the floor, didn’t expect his sister-in-law to care so much about his safety, especially since he had not been very respectful to her.

Out of the blue, Blair seemed to have lost his marbles. He giggled like a madman, and with the bloody marks on his face, he looked like a character straight out of a 90s thriller movie.

Meanwhile, Hayden Haddock and his men backed up with their faces written in total terror.

Where did this menacing woman come from?

Tinsor bolted into the room and the first thing he did was to smack Hayden’s face. “What you did is unforgivable! Let me tell you this, only I can beat the lights out of Blair! Keep your hands off him!”

The truth was, Hayden had also bullied Tinsor before, being the evil spawn he was.

Thus, Tinsor hated him from the bottom of his heart and now was the best opportunity he had to teach Hayden a lesson.

“You guys are crazy! Y’all bring knives around just in case someone gets in your way? What the hell! If not for Ashlyn, Blair would have been murdered by you guys in cold blood! You guys are murderers!” Henry blathered angrily.

Ashlyn’s fury was even more stoked as she was reminded about their intentions to kill Blair.

She picked up the phone on the wall and dialed for room service. She ordered harshly, “Hello, this is Ashlyn. I need you to bring over some men. We’ve got a problem on our hands.”

A minute had barely passed when the sound of footsteps came from outside.

The manager led a bunch of his staff into the room. He wiped his sweat on his forehead frantically and bowed at Ashlyn. “Ms. Berry, my apologies! We didn’t know you’re here! Please forgive us for not welcoming you!”

“Cut the gibberish and teach these people a lesson on my behalf!” Ashlyn pointed at Hayden and his people.

The manager glared indignantly at Hayden and barked at his men, “Beat the hell out of these people before you throw them out!”

“My brother is Dixon Haddock, and I myself am from the Haddock family too! You don’t want to mess with us!” Hayden hollered as his men were getting beaten up.

“Ms. Berry calls the shots here! Your brother is nothing to us!” The manager wanted to show how capable he was in front of Ashlyn. He then turned to Ashlyn and asked in a servile tone, “Ms. Berry, do you have any other requests from us?”

Ashlyn narrowed her eyes at Hayden’s men who were squealing in pain. “Since they wanted to hurt Blair with a knife, how about… all of them can have their backs slashed with their own knives?”

“You crazy b****! Don’t you dare!” Hayden bawled in fear.

Immediately, he was slapped in the face by one of the staff.

Hayden was in no position to speak at all.

“If you retaliate, I will make sure you get out of this place in an ambulance!” Ashlyn stared at Hayden coldly.

While Ashlyn was speaking, Tinsor and the rest carried Blair off the ground.

However, their eyes were still fixated on what was happening ahead.

The club had a strict policy against violence, thus there were rarely fights at that place. Only customers from an influential household like Hayden would dare to make a fuss.

But now, it appeared that Hayden had finally been taught a painful lesson on how to behave in public.

Before this, Hayden was infamous for toying with women and bullying the heirs of other families.

If Ashlyn had not shown up, Blair and Tinsor would have fallen into his hands too.

It didn’t take long for the staff of the club to tie Hayden and his men up.

Next to Ashlyn, Blair and Tinsor felt their worth dwindle to zilch.

Everyone at the club listened to her commands.

Now that Ashlyn was done with Hayden and his men, she instantly headed outside. “To the hospital, people.”

The manager and his staff stood in a file as they sent Ashlyn off.

The customers who just got out of the neighboring rooms were shocked to see such a big entourage around Ashlyn.

Is she a celebrity or something?

Everyone gasped in awe when they finally saw the woman in the center of the group of people ahead. She was an absolute beauty in her twenties, and with her silky fair floating around her thin waist, she gave off the aura of royalty.

Many could not believe that such a young maiden could command so much respect that she had a patrol sending her out of the club.

“Ms. Berry, please visit us again! Have a nice day ahead!”

The manager of the club uttered in deference.

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