My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 193

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 193

Before she left, Ashlyn Berry nodded and squinted her eyes at Hayden Haddock and his men. She spoke to the manager, “I believe you guys know what to do with them.”

“Of course.” The manager responded at once.

9pm at night.

In front of the Haddock household’s gates.

Out of the blue, a minibus drove into the driveway.

Two burly men, all clad in black, dumped a gunny sack in front of the gates and left the place in a hurry.

The guards at the gates were shocked by what they saw when they pried open the sack.

Inside the sack was Hayden Haddock, all covered in blood.

At that point in time, Hayden’s friends were also dropped off in front of their houses in their gunny sacks.

All of their families exploded in anger when they saw their kin all marred with their own blood.

Who would dare hurt their precious children?

Who had the guts to offend these many important families in Lake City?

At the hospital.

Blair Nolan was asleep in his bed.

Naomi was sitting on a couch in one corner. She had changed into a fresh set of clothes and was now getting some shut-eye.

The time seemed to pass unbearably slow in the room.

Lucas Nolan glared at two of his useless siblings.

“Tell me what happened at the club.”

“My boyfriend tricked me into a private room at the club and before I know it, Hayden was forcing alcohol down my throat. He even wanted to r-rape me.”

Naomi was choking on her tears. Her pitiful eyes were bloodshot. “I didn’t know my boyfriend was one of Hayden’s people. Lucas, I was wrong! I will be more careful next time!”

“You imbecile!” Lucas was furious at his sister for being so reckless.

The Haddock family was around for a long time, and thus it wasn’t surprising that they had a lot of resources at their disposal. Moreover, the Haddocks were greedy people. They wanted to monopolize the real estate industry in Lake City, which would allow them to control the economy in that region.

Dixon Haddock was a rising star that the Haddock family had bred to expand their family’s business.

Of course, the Nolan Group had had a hard time because of him.

The Jaquin family was also a prominent family in Lake City, but they were righteous people. They would never rely on unlawful hustles to build their family’s fortune.

However, the Haddocks were not such people. They wanted a piece of anything that could increase their family’s wealth.

“Ashlyn…” Naomi crept over to Ashlyn.

Naomi was not her naïve old self anymore. She now knew who in the family could bring her security.

Just now, if it weren’t for Ashlyn, both she and Blair could have died at the hands of Hayden.

“Ashlyn will not be protecting you from today onwards!” Lucas shot daggers at Naomi. “Because of my ignorance, you have become a reckless young lady! I do not condone your misbehavior! I want you to enroll at Shelby High three days from today.”

“Lucas, please.” Naomi refuted meekly. “I don’t want to go…”

“Remember what I told you before?” Ashlyn asked in a callous tone.

“What?” Naomi swallowed. She did not quite understand what Ashlyn meant with that question.

“Dumb people are better off in schools.”

Naomi could feel her heart shatter.

How can a goddess who just saved my life become such a meany in just an instant?

Suddenly, Blair on the bed was roused. He blinked his eyes hazily as he tried to make sense of his surroundings.

“Blair, you’re awake?”

Naomi quickly got on his feet and ran to Blair.

“Yeah. Where is Ashlyn?” Blair fondled his wound through his bandage. The sting jolted him awake even more.

“Relax, she’s still here.” Naomi hurried on to answer.

Lucas now turned his icy gaze towards his brother. He was not happy with him looking for Ashlyn the moment he woke up.

“Since your brother is here, I will set things straight.” Ashlyn got on her feet. She looked apathetic as she spoke, “Your brother and I are divorced for about two months now. Next time you get yourself into trouble, just call your brother directly, Blair.”

“What? You guys are divorced?” Blair almost fell from the bed when he heard the news.

Tears rolled down Naomi’s cheeks. “Why are you leaving us, Ashlyn? Do you not care about us anymore?”

Naomi had just shown her vulnerable side to Ashlyn and now she wanted to leave them?

No wonder I sense a different vibe from Ashlyn lately!

She’s leaving the Nolan family!

But wow! Now that she’s divorced, Ashlyn is such a savage now!

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