My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 195

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 195

“Honey? Honey?”

Ashlyn’s hands shook even more violently. She was already too lost in her own world.

Her lips were getting paler and her throat was getting drier by the second. She felt like she could see her mother.

“Mom, please take me with you. Dad hit me again today. I miss you, mom.”

“Mom.” She extended a hand to take her mom’s before throwing herself at her.

Don’t be afraid, Lyn. She heard her mother’s voice and saw the gentle smile on her face.

“Mom,” she sobbed as tears streamed down when she felt her mother’s tight hug around her.

Her mind was getting blurrier as time went by.

“Honey? Honey, are you still with me?” Lucas asked when he felt the tight clutches on his hands loosening slowly.

He quickly embraced her cold body. “Honey, can you hear me?” His tensed voice was filled with a trace of worry he didn’t even notice.

However, the elevator was silent as soon as his voice fell. The woman never replied to him.

At this moment, a group of maintenance staff arrived with their tools. “Is anyone inside?” one of them asked from the outside.

“Yes! Yes!” he hurriedly answered. “Please hurry open the doors! Someone’s suffocating!”

Hearing that, the staff immediately started pounding and prying open the doors. Finally!

The group worked together to crack open the doors.

When they did, a small ray of light finally illuminated the dark elevator. Lucas looked down to see Ashlyn, who had already fainted in his arms.

His face lost all its color at the sight. He had never been this scared before. “Honey, how are you feeling?”

He anxiously turned his gaze to the staff outside. “Hurry! Please hurry!”

The elevator seemed to be stuck in place, though. It was difficult for them to widen the crack.

“No. Honey, can you hear me?” His voice trembled as a result of extreme worries and fear. He tightened his arms around her as his wet eyes reddened.

Right at this moment, they had successfully opened the doors.

Lucas quickly carried the unconscious Ashlyn and exited the elevator.

Both their bodies were all soaked in their own sweat from being inside the elevator for too long.

There were a lot of medical staff waiting outside the elevator. They surrounded Lucas when they saw the unconscious woman in his arms. “Carry her to the ward! Hurry!”

Soon enough, the doctors started pacing back and forth. “Oxygenate her first,” uttered one of the doctors.

Lucas laid her on the hospital bed. Her face was still as pale as a ghost.

His heart was a mess as he gloomily stared at the person on the bed.

He was feeling so distressed that he could hardly breathe. His mind had completely gone blank.

Why? Why did this happen to us? What would’ve happened to her if I wasn’t there with her?

His heart clenched painfully when he thought of the worst-case scenario.

No. She’d be fine. She’d definitely be fine. That woman’s tough and strong. On top of that, she even learned martial arts. Nothing could bring her down!

“Mr. Nolan, we have to examine Dr. Berry. You may leave first,” said a doctor cautiously.

The cold man’s terrifying aura was so strong that shivers went down people’s spines.

Lucas exited the ward as the door slammed shut as soon as he stepped out.

When he was registering what had transpired, Jared Quickton appeared out of nowhere and delivered a punch at him. “Damn it, Lucas! I’ll not forgive you if something happens to her!”

Lucas’ whole body stumbled back as he clenched his jaw to endure the pain.

He did not fight back because what Jared was true. I failed to protect her.

“Go investigate why the elevator’s broken!” Jared ordered Harrison and Anderson, who were behind him. This couldn’t be a coincidence. I think someone’s trying to harm Ashlyn, but who?

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