My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 196

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 196

“On it.” Harrison and Anderson cast a worried look at the ward’s door before leaving to start investigating the matter.

These past few days, Jared had been busy trying to deal with the paperwork of the piece of land for the Larsons.

He had called Ashlyn but Lucas was the one who answered the call.

He was nearly exploding in rage when he learned that Ashlyn had lost consciousness in the elevator.

Their boss wasn’t afraid of anything. Even so, she still had a weakness.

She would be in fatal danger if anyone who had bad intentions got a hold of this bit of information!

During this time, Spencer White hurried over. He was a bit startled when he saw Lucas’ bruised face.

He then looked at the handsome man beside Lucas. Before he could jump to a conclusion, the latter ordered, “Go investigate why this happened!”

“Yes, Mr. Nolan!” he responded before walking away. However, he stepped back again when he remembered something. “Mr. Nolan, I may have found a lead to the hotel’s incident.”

“What is it?” The man stared at him.

“I think Ms. Chapman is kind of involved,” Spencer informed while observing Lucas’ facial expression.

Hera Chapman was favored by Lucas. He also treated her quite well so Jared could not read the man’s reaction to this.

The man raised his brows as he narrowed his sharp and icy eyes. “What?”

“I found a hacker and had him hack into some of the surveillance. Ms. Chapman had contacted a drug dealer who sells illegal drugs the night before the incident,” Spencer quietly explained. “It’s the same one we found in your body.”

Lucas’ face turned ice-cold as his aura drastically changed into a more hostile one. “Continue to investigate!”

“Yes.” Spencer quickly nodded before leaving the spot.

Meanwhile, outside the hospital, a man quickly walked over to a BMW. When he got inside, the car drove away in an instant.

He looked very proud as he fished out his phone to make a call. “Ms. Chapman, it’s done. Ashlyn walked into the elevator.”

He was Jayton Levine, Hera’s pursuer.

He was rather rich, and he fell in love with Hera at first sight. In plainer words, he was her simp, even the word ‘rebound’ did not suit him.

Hera would find him whenever she needed help, including dirty deeds because she knew the man would help her no matter what.

In the meantime, Hera rushed out of her room when she heard that Ashlyn had entered the elevator. “Thank you so much, Mr. Jayton! I’ll treat you to a meal some time!”

“You’re too courteous with me, Ms. Chapman.” Jayton beamed excitedly. Having my goddess invite me to a meal is something I’ve always dreamed of!

The Jayton family had some money because they were running a toilet business.

Nevertheless, the business circle had always looked down on them, for Jayton was an incompetently ignorant person.

Hera drove to the hospital in her red Porsche.

She initially thought she would hear people talk about someone crashing in the elevator all around the hospital. However, it was quiet as usual, as if nothing major had happened.

Nonetheless, though Jayton was not an influential figure, she knew he would not lie to her.

What’s going on?

She strolled to her grandpa, Bob Chapman’s ward in doubt and confusion.

Bob had been in good colors these past couple of days. “Dad, drink some water,” offered Anthony Chapman, Hera’s uncle.

“Okay. You must be tired too. Take a seat.”

Soon after Anthony sat down, he caught a glimpse of Hera walking in with her bag. “Hera, what are you doing here? It’s my turn to take care of him.”

They had decided to take turns in taking care of Bob by alternating between two days.

“I just miss grandpa, that’s all,” she responded with a smile. “Uncle, do you want to take a breather? I can stay with grandpa here.”

“No need. Something happened to the elevator today, and it almost snatched Dr. Berry’s life. What if that happens to us? I’m not going,” he exaggerated.

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