My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 20

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 20

Anger flashed across the man’s face. “I didn’t know you’re a doctor. Why have you never told me about that?”

Ashlyn looked at him like he had gone crazy. “Excuse me. I’m busy.”

The nurses and doctors exited the operating theater right then. “Dr. Berry, I have a question regarding this procedure.”

“Dr. Berry, remember the arteries? You avoided them so deftly. I nearly gasped in shock when I saw you make that cut right next to the arteries.”

“Dr. Berry, was there really a lesion? I didn’t see anything wrong back then.”

Lucas watched as the woman answered the questions from her surgical team in a low voice. She looked dazzling and charming in her element and was no longer gentle and coy.

Instead, she treated him like a stranger indifferently. It was as if they were miles apart from each other despite being so physically close.

Just what kind of person she was?

In the ward, Cindy Wynn lay on her bed and whined, “Terry, what’s going on? Why isn’t Mr. Nolan here yet? Did you tell him I got seriously wounded?”

“Don’t worry. He’ll be here soon,” Terry Peters, her manager, assured her.

“It’s all your fault for coming up with this horrible idea. You said I wouldn’t get hurt, but I twisted an ankle!” Cindy stared at her bandaged ankle which was hurting a lot.

“Darling, you’re lucky enough you needn’t get operated on,” Terry replied and glanced at the door. He made sure no one was near the room before he declared, “I lied to Lucas and told him you’re in surgery. I even informed the paparazzi to wait at the entrance for him. When he arrives, I guarantee he make the headlines.”

“But will he come?” Cindy sighed. “I’ve waited since noon. It’s near midnight now.”

Right then, a knock sounded at the door.

Both Cindy and Terry brightened up at once. Cindy put on a weak look before she called faintly, “Come in.”

“What are you doing here?”

Upon seeing Spencer behind the door, Cindy couldn’t help but demand shrilly, “Where’s Mr. Nolan?”

“Mr. Nolan is busy. He told me to visit you.” Spencer immediately understood Cindy’s intention. Lucas was indeed, irresistible to most women. “How are you feeling? Please let me know if you require anything.”

“I think I won’t be able to walk for the time being.” Cindy was dismayed. Why did Lucas send his assistant instead of coming himself? Damn it!

“Well, have a good rest. We’ll help you reschedule your filming schedule with the production team,” Spencer announced and left right after.

He had just shut the door when endless sounds of things smashing to the ground rang from the room.

Shaking his head wryly, he thought, You want to be Mrs. Nolan? With that attitude of yours? Dream on!

“Damn it!” Cindy knocked everything off the table with one large sweep of her arm.

All her stuff clattered to the ground noisily.

“Cindy, calm down. I think the matter isn’t as bad as you imagine.”

Her manager hurriedly consoled her while picking up the stuff from the ground.

“Mr. Nolan sent his assistant. That means he cares for you. If he doesn’t feel anything for you, he wouldn’t even send his assistant here!”

Cindy’s face twisted with anger as her cheeks gradually turned crimson. “Why did I pretend to get hurt? For him! But in the end, I got hurt for real, and Mr. Nolan didn’t even show up! My plan had backfired!”

“Rumor has it that they are going to get a divorce soon. You’ll get him in no time,” Terry revealed this piece of news to Cindy. “I heard Mrs. Nolan has already moved out from their current home.”

“Who did you hear this from?” Cindy recalled what she saw in Lucas’ house that day.

The woman even ordered Lucas to wash the dishes. Would she step away from him easily?

Impossible. She wouldn’t, Cindy decided.

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