My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 201

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 201

Ashlyn was having a headache now. “Stop! Shut up! All of you, listen to me.”

The ward fell silent.

After taking a deep breath, she regained her composure. “Winsor, how did you know I was warded?”

“I…” Winsor felt awkward to explain.

“The head nurse is one of your informants, isn’t she?” Ashlyn raised her eyebrows.

“Erm…” Winsor was put in a spot given how he was embarrassingly exposed.

“I hope both of you would not do something like this again,” Ashlyn remarked coldly. Then she turned towards Jared and asked, “Why are you here?”

“I gave you a call which he picked up,” Jared reported.

Ashlyn was annoyed. “I need to rest now. Everyone, please get out.”

The elevator was working fine just now- why did it malfunction all of a sudden?

She had a hunch that there was more to the matter than met the eye.

Therefore, she needed to calm down and gather her thoughts.

Lucas’ heart was aching as she had chased him out again. What he hated most about her was her habit of pushing people close to her away.

It made him feel as if he was a distant yet familiar stranger.

I am a lot more eligible than Jared and Winsor. Way more!

Meanwhile, Tinsor gave Ashlyn a reluctant look before turning his gaze to Winsor. He then tugged at his brother’s sleeve. “Winsor, let’s step out first.”

With so many obstacles, it wasn’t going to be easy for his brother to win her. In fact, he was still far behind the others.

After looking at Ashlyn longingly, he glanced at the other two men. “Hmph, let’s go.”

Jared too followed them out. He reminded, “Call me if you need anything.”

By then, only Lucas was left. He narrowed his eyes and stared at the petite woman on the bed. Finally, he spoke up, “Why do you have claustrophobia?”

Ashlyn was speechless.

What can I say?

He will not believe me even if I tell him the truth

I have claustrophobia just because the Spirogyra gave me one?

“Lucas, I’m tired.”

Is she trying to chase me out?

He turned and walked towards the door. Just when Ashlyn thought he was about to leave, she heard the door lock instead.

To her surprise, he had locked the door from the inside. It seemed like sooner or later, by all means, he would get to the bottom of this matter!

Ashlyn glared at him as this was a new low, even for him.

Why is he being so thick-skinned?

He seems to be a totally different person from the estranged man I was married to.

He was handsome as always, but his eyebags from the lack of sleep made him look a little creepy.

Ashlyn frowned. “Lucas, what are you doing?”

As Lucas gazed at the woman on her bed, he saw her lustrous black hair spread all over the white pillow. Also, her flawless fair skin made her look especially alluring to him.

Meanwhile, he loathed how she was looking at him. Her gaze simply felt cold and distant.

Before Ashlyn could react, he grabbed her by the hand.

She could clearly feel how his rough palms enveloped her hands tightly, just like when they were in the elevator. Unexpectedly, she felt a sense of security.

She knew that the Spirogyra needed Lucas, but she wasn’t aware that it was to this extent.

Staring back at him without any expression, she didn’t know what sort of strange ideas he had in mind.

Slowly, she felt him hold her hand and circle his other hand around her waist.

He then sat by the bed and in the next second, sprawled on top of her legs.

With his eyes shut and his breath long, he seemed to be asleep.

“You!” Ashlyn face darkened immediately.

How could he fall asleep in less than a second?

In fact, he seemed to be sleeping soundly.

Despite Ashlyn’s pushes and shoves, he didn’t budge at all.

“Lucas, can you not sleep on my legs? Your head is really heavy!”

“Don’t bother me!” Lucas barked before returning to his slumber.

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