My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 206

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 206

For the four years they were married, they always had a maid at home. Therefore, Lucas and Ashlyn never did any daily chores together.

The indescribable feeling he felt comprised of a strange melancholy and a sense of inexplicable joy.

As long as he was with Ashlyn, his emotions would become more stable while his mood would inadvertently improve.

Ashlyn’s new bed linen had an invigorating style. The quilt cover and bedsheet had a green motive showing a farm dotted with flowers.

It was the opposite of her cold demeanor. In fact, the design made one feel warm and pleasant.

Lucas liked the design very much as it was a reflection of what his current mood was.

Just when Ashlyn was about to sit, she heard him suddenly say, “I’m hungry.”

It was obvious he hadn’t eaten. In fact, that was when she realized that she too was both tired and hungry.

How could she not be hungry after sweating so much and being tortured by the Spirogyra?

“Fine, I’ll cook something for you to eat but you must help me.”

Meanwhile, Jared was anxious.

Ashlyn’s condition was obviously due to the Spirogyra attack.

The last time the Spirogyra attacked, it had almost killed her.

Therefore he had no other choice but to call Lucas and use him as a temporary antidote.

Lucas was already upstairs for almost an hour, and yet Jared had no idea what was going on.

He was extremely worried.

If it were possible, he would rather absorb the dreaded Spirogyra into his own body. Every time she had a Spirogyra attack, everyone close to her would be on edge and worried sick.

That was an extremely uncomfortable feeling.

When he was about to check on the situation, he suddenly heard footsteps.

Then, he saw Ashlyn walking down in her vibrantly colored pajamas and tousled black hair.

She was followed by Lucas in his wrinkled suit.

Seeing them, Jared furrowed his eyebrows in curiosity.

Did the Spirogyra cause them to… make love?

Walking up to her, he scrutinized her condition and asked in a concerned tone, “How are you feeling? Are you better?”

“Go away and don’t give me that wretched look of yours.” Ashlyn pushed his head away.

It was obvious to her that he was letting his imagination run wild.

When Lucas saw how Jared groveled to Ashlyn, his expression darkened.

The air seemed to turn cold while the atmosphere became tense.

Ashlyn shot him a glance. By now, the pinkish hue had returned to her previously pale lips, making it look like budding spring blossoms. “Why are you looking so sullen? Do you still want to eat something? Come over here and help me wash these vegetables.”

As Jared looked at Lucas who was still looking aloof, he then resigned to help Ashlyn in the kitchen.


It was a complicated moment indeed.

“Don’t just stand there- come over if you’re hungry.” After walking into the kitchen, she turned and saw Jared gloating with a smile.

“Alright.” Jared quickly rushed over.

As long as his boss was fine, he would inadvertently be in a wonderful mood.

Ashlyn opened the fridge to check what ingredients there were. “Let’s have some bacon with rice. It’s easy and delicious.”

As a sense of anticipation flashed across Lucas’ eyes, he replied with a slight smile, “Alright.”

He enjoyed the feeling of cooking together with Ashlyn.

It was similar to how he liked making the bed together with her.


His eyes then shifted to Jared, the third wheel.

What is this clumsy him doing here?

Can he wash and cut the vegetables better than me?

At that moment, Jared was cutting the bacon into small pieces.

However, he seldom did any chores, let alone cook in the kitchen. Therefore his movements felt awkward and the bacon was cut into inconsistent shapes and looked ugly as a result.

Lucas felt that the bacon that Jared had cut would definitely make the dish taste horrible.

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