My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 209

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 209

“Just ignore her,” Lucas replied as he gently rubbed the button of his new suit. “By the way, how’s the investigations on the drug coming along?”

“It’s highly likely that the woman is Ms. Chapman,” Spencer reported softly. “She covered her tracks very well so there’s hardly any direct evidence. Furthermore, she gave those two men cash instead of transferring the money to them.”

“Mmm.” Lucas’ expression remained indifferent. However, there was a darkness in his eyes that seemed to swallow everything.

Noticing the change in his gaze, Spencer carefully asked, “Mr. Nolan, what do we do now?”

“That day, I caused Ashlyn harm when I was under the influence of the drug.” Lucas’ voice reverberated throughout the room. “In that case, we will give her a taste of her own medicine.”

Evidently, Mr. Nolan is as cold and impartial as always.

Tsk, Tsk!

This time, whether Ms. Chapman acts coquettishly or plays the victim card, it’s not going to work.

After that, Lucas didn’t say anything further as he continued to go through his documents.

Putting aside their relationship as childhood friends, her looks and character were not of Lucas’ taste.

All this while, he had tolerated her due to the debt of gratitude he had owed her for saving his life when they were children.

However, not only did she not appreciate his patience but also schemed against him.

In that case, he didn’t mind teaching her a lesson at all.

When she wanted to see Ms. Saunders, he spent nine million to help her achieve it.

With that, he considered his debt paid and they were even.

As for any other things that she desired, she wasn’t going to get it in this lifetime.

Lucas’ gaze remained cold and didn’t show any emotion at all.

At the Tech Mall.

Inside an inconspicuous shop.

A lady in jeans was crouching on the floor, ransacking through boxes and shelves in search of something.

“Ashlyn, why are you acting like a robber?” A middle-aged man who was smoking a cigarette asked as he sat cross-legged on a dirty chair.

He then extended his hand to tap the ash off his cigarette onto the floor.

“Save it- stop playing dumb with me.”

Ashlyn came straight to the Tech Mall first thing in the morning.

Her computer and handphone needed an upgrade. What she was looking for couldn’t be found anywhere else.

Standing up, she shot the middle-aged man a glance. “Hey bro, show me all your latest stuff. I don’t even need you to upgrade it for me, I can do it myself, alright?”

After going through everything for half a day, she still couldn’t find what she was looking for. Hence, she believed the middle aged man must have kept it hidden.

“Silly gal, can’t you ask properly? Don’t go around calling me bro, alright?”

As he stood up and stroke his beard, he proposed, “Call me Uncle and I’ll bring it out for you.”

“Uncle, stop wasting my time. I’m in a great hurry!” Ashlyn was growing desperate as it was almost noon and she was running out of time.

Seeing how anxious she was, the middle-aged man didn’t dally any longer and he disappeared into his shop. After a while, he brought out a box.

The box looked exceptionally new and was a big contrast to his dilapidated shop.

“The latest equipment are all inside. Just take them all.”

As Ashlyn received the box, she let out an enchanting smile and flicked a bank card onto the table. “Keep it!”

With that, she left with the box.

Meanwhile, the middle-aged man ran after her and shouted from behind. “Ashlyn, I’ll be going outstation tomorrow. Call me if you need anything!”

“I know. Be careful,” Ashlyn replied without turning around.

The owner of the shop next door laughed at the middle-aged man. “Is your niece here again? You shop doesn’t have any business at all. If not for her, you would have gone bust a long time ago.”

“Go away, you know nothing.” The middle-aged man smiled to himself as he kept the bank card. And then he rolled down the shutters for his shop.

Right after she left the Tech Mall, she put the box into her car.

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