My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 21

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 21

“Look,” Terry showed her a post posted by an entertainment fan page which often released unproven rumors.

“There’s only a vague sentence. There are no pictures, too.” Cindy pursed her lips. Nevertheless, she felt a lot better after reading that post.

Back then, Lucas agreed to attend her birthday party even though he was in front of his wife. That could only mean one thing—his wife meant nothing to him.

So what if he washed the dishes as told? Perhaps it was the woman’s ploy, she thought.

Inside the president’s office of Nolan Entertainment, a tall figure was seated behind the mahogany desk.

Dressed in an expensive bespoke suit and a black shirt underneath, the man looked elegant and swanky. When he stretched his hands out, his sterling silver cufflinks sparkled under the light.

The senior managers of the company were all standing in front of Lucas quietly. They were usually imposing in public, but each of them lowered their heads fearfully in Lucas’ presence.

Why is Mr. Nolan here? They wondered.

As Lucas had appointed a CEO to run Nolan Entertainment, he rarely asked about the entertainment section as he was busy enough running Nolan Group.

Oh, is he here because of Cindy? He is rumored to be linked romantically to her.

Is he here to stand up for his lover?

Lucas didn’t know what the senior managers thought about him.

He couldn’t bring himself to stay in his office, so he left and wandered around. He had no idea why he ended up at Nolan Entertainment.

With his head lowered, he flipped through the reports irritatedly.

He didn’t even remember how he got home from the hospital last night. The only thing he could remember was that the bed was freezing, uncomfortable, annoying and unfamiliar.

The image of Ashlyn striding away in her doctor’s coat kept popping up in his head.

Lucas suddenly paused as his thoughts started to wander. He wasn’t interested in the report one bit.

Best surgeon?

How could someone like Ashlyn end up being the best surgeon?

Famous doctor?

How could that be? If Lucas hadn’t witnessed that scene yesterday, he wouldn’t have believed it even if someone told him about it.

However, his ex-wife had just given him a massive slap in the face.

15-year-old top scorer?

I don’t recall a genius top scorer a few years back.

If it’s true, the media would’ve blown it up.

Lucas prided himself on his impeccable memory, but he had no recollection of the top scorer at all. Every year, the media would report the top scorers of the yearly national exams. Everyone would lavish praises on the intelligent top scorers.

He wouldn’t have forgotten about a 15-year-old genius. The media wouldn’t miss the opportunity to report about her, too.

But then, the nurse needn’t lie to him.

The senior managers started sweating profusely as he had been reading the report for over half an hour.

Is there something wrong with the report?

Why did he stop at that page for so long?

Lucas looked up at the CEO icily. “Have you heard of a 15-year-old genius top scorer in the national exams?”

“Ah? What?” The CEO’s mind went blank and he failed to react in time.

The other senior managers were taken aback at their boss’ sudden question.

They were in the entertainment division, not the education division!

“Looks like you’ve never heard of that, too.” Lucas’ dignified expression wavered slightly. “Help me find out the youngest top scorers in the national exams in recent years.”

I must get to the bottom of this, he decided.

“Er, yes. Yes.” The CEO wiped off the sweat on his brows and hurriedly relayed Lucas’ order.

Ten minutes later, the head secretary walked in with a file and handed it to the CEO.

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