My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 210

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 210

At that moment, her phone rang.

When she saw who was calling, she smiled.

“Hello, Ms. Oates.”

“Ms. Berry, since the weather has been great recently, our foundation will be organizing an outdoor tea party tomorrow afternoon. Are you interested to attend? Many talented youths and professionals from all industries will be attending,” Sienna explained with a smile.

As Ashlyn’s eyes sparkled with amusement, she replied casually, “Oh? What’s the theme?”

“You will know what it is when you get here. So, forgive me for keeping you in suspense. But I guarantee you won’t be disappointed,” Sienna shamelessly plugged her event. “Ms. Berry, I wonder if Ms. Saunders would be interested in attending the tea party?”

“Oh, about that, if you don’t tell me what the theme is, how am I to know if she is interested?” Ashlyn answered with a haughty and impersonal manner.

Compared to Sienna’s pleasant tone, they were at opposite ends of the spectrum.

When Sienna heard Ashlyn’s unfriendly tone, she almost burst a blood vessel.

Suppressing her anger, she forced herself not to show her agitation. “Ms. Berry, I was just kidding just now. Actually, I heard that Ms. Saunders is interested in ethnic Han costumes. Therefore, the theme of the Tea Party is all about them. The venue will be at Haddock Group’s Tulip City.”

Pausing for a moment, Sienna continued in her most passionate voice, “The thought of enjoying tea in Han costumes amidst the sea of tulips excites me already. I just can’t wait.”

The corners of Ashlyn’s mouth twitched. “I think you have a talent for reciting poems.”

For someone not in the know, they would think that it was a poem recital instead of a telephone call.

Sienna didn’t sense the sarcasm in Ashlyn’s remark. In fact, she proudly replied, “Ms. Berry, jokes aside, let me share with you that I am the leader of Haddock Charity’s poem recital club.”

Ashlyn was speechless.

After a while, she replied, “Luckily, you told me that the theme is ethnic Han Costume. If I attended the tea party without knowing that and wore casual clothing instead, wouldn’t it be awkward?”

Sienna’s expression froze. “Ms. Berry, you misunderstood me. I was joking with you just now.”

“Mmm, I know. But this joke isn’t funny at all.” Ashlyn was in no mood to humor Sienna any further. She decided that she must destroy this pest from the Haddock Group. As for the Haddock Group itself, she had to find out what they were really up to.

Hence, she ended the call.

Infuriated, Sienna screamed at the blank telephone screen, “That arrogant b****! How dare she end my call like that. W-who does she think she is? Isn’t she just a bimbo who relies on men to get to her position? How dare she do this to me!”

Meanwhile, her secretary, Lisa, quickly poured her a cup of water. “Ms. Oates, please calm down. Don’t stoop to her level.”

“You didn’t hear what she said! How dare that despicable woman talk to me like that. When I am in Ms. Saunders’ favor, I will definitely teach her a lesson. Just you wait! W-when I have swindled all of Ms. Saunders’ money, I-I will then stomp at her face with my foot and crush her!”

Sienna was so angry that she was breathing rapidly. As her chest palpitated, her fury caused her to lose her mind.

“Ms. Oates, she’s just a s***. There’s plenty like her in our foundation and every single one of them has been dealt with by you. She has yet to feel your wrath but it’s just a matter of time.”

Lisa flattered Sienna so as to make her feel better.

“You’re right. We’ll let that b***** continue with her arrogance. I will make her suffer tomorrow at the tea party or else, my surname isn’t Oates!”

As her eyes sparkled with greed, her lips let out a devious sneer.

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