My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 213

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 213

Mrs. LeClair swiftly signed wherever she needed to. There were three copies of each charity event proposal; one for each man, one for Mrs. LeClair and one for the Haddock Group for filing purposes.

Sienna glanced at the crowd and announced, “Congratulations on setting up two generous charity programs, Mrs. LeClair. I’d also like to congratulate these two gentlemen for receiving the help they needed. To whomever else in need of help, please don’t hesitate to make yourselves heard! The lovely women here will surely try their best to assist you.”

Everyone began to clap.

Mrs. LeClair proudly returned to her seat while holding her documents.

One million…

That was way too easy!

Those two guys earned a million just by opening their mouths?

Many young men instantly began to make themselves look miserable.

Some poured tea for the older women, and some brought them drinks or desserts.

They tried their best to please the wealthy ladies.

Ashlyn spent the entire afternoon hearing countless stories of how helpless these men were.

Both my parents have cancer; my sister got into a car accident; my brother has turned into a vegetable… and so on— all these accounts caused the women to be filled with tears.

They quickly donated another million and obtained their charity proposals.

Another story went as such: “I’ve been insecure since I was a child and was often bullied because of my good looks. I’m now a sophomore in high school. We’re so poor that my older sister sold herself to a bald middle-aged man to fund my studies, but she was abused by the guy right after getting pregnant until she miscarried. I want to repay my sister, so I’m begging you kind souls—please give me three million, so I can save her.”

One of the rich women instantly broke down. “I’m so sorry for your sister. I have to help her.”

The young lad immediately received a three-million donation.

Ashlyn was astounded at the speed at which these men were gaining money.

This is way too fast.

Are all these women always this brainless?

This is practically a story-telling competition now. These guys are all trying to one-up each other!

They’re going on about how poor and miserable their lives are.

All the young men here had attractive faces and bodies. Paired with their pitiful gazes, they were certainly quick to garner pity, especially in their traditional clothes. The men looked just like young masters from ancient times, waiting to be shown mercy.

It was easy to make one walk into their story and do whatever they asked.

Especially when these women usually had nothing better to do. Their husbands were CEOs or bosses, so they were normally bored out of their minds.

Moreover, Haddock Charity was a reputable organization.

The women had more faith in Haddock, so they naturally trusted these men.

Sitting in a corner, Ashlyn could hear the men crying and pleading from time to time.

Sienna would occasionally make some announcements too. “Haddock Charity has inspected every man’s situation here. We promise you that their predicaments are 100% true, so please donate without any worries! If anyone turns out to be bluffing, we’ll penalize them and reimburse you tenfold.”

She continued, “These youngsters are the future pillars of our nation. Can you really bear to watch them live their lives in such dire straits? Can you bear to see such precious lives lost because you are afraid to part with a small amount of your savings? The media tells us the cruel truth every day; there are those who have no choice but to take their own lives just because of the money issues they face. Yet, we often spend tens of thousands on bags and shoes. Think about the lives we can save using the money we spend on these goods! We can all play our part in showing the world a little more kindness!”

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