My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 216

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 216

That’s why not a single family has ever been skeptical about my charity events or tea parties.

Some families even had their wives or daughters come to butter Sienna up for the sake of maintaining good connections with Haddock Group.

They’d even give her money at times.

Yet, Ashlyn was publicly looking into this matter.

How dare she try to expose me in front of everyone?

Sienna took a deep breath and maintained the smile on her face. “As I’ve mentioned before, we will support those who donate and reimburse them tenfold if they are deceived. That’s why, Ms. Berry, we’ll never accept any frauds here. There must be some misunderstanding between you and Jeremy Halliwell.”

Ashlyn glanced at Sienna calmly. “Oh? In that case, Ms. Oates, you might want to listen… To this.”

She replayed the audio recording of Jared’s conversation with the principal of University T.

Everyone’s gazes fell on Ashlyn and they noted how exquisite she looked. Her light makeup made her look even more elegant and fairy-like.

With a demeanor that was neither aggressive nor insecure, the woman held her phone in her porcelain-skinned hand.

This was a face that every woman couldn’t help but covet.

Sienna was filled with rage but tried her best to maintain her composure. “This doesn’t explain anything, Ms. Berry. I’ll only believe you if you can get the principal of University T to personally come over and make his statement. I have more trust in Haddock Group than your voice recording.”

Ashlyn narrowed her eyes. She’s clearly trying to protect ‘Jeremy’.

If that’s the case, can his sappy life story ever be proven wrong?

One of the rich women couldn’t help but speak up. “You’re going too far, Ms. Berry. Mr. Halliwell here already has it rough; why are you still doubting him? You’re adding salt to his wound.”

“Yeah! These people need our help. How could we hurt them instead? We’d be no different from monsters,” another wealthy lady chimed in.

“I’ve never met someone this wicked in my life. I suggest you kick this woman out, Ms. Oates.”

“Such a cruel soul like her doesn’t belong here. She has such an ugly heart.”

Ashlyn was lost for words.

She finally understood that saying: There was no use trying to wake a person pretending to sleep.

Meanwhile, Naomi, who had been secretly filming the entire ordeal with her phone, sent the video to Lucas.

Seeing so many people on his side, ‘Jeremy’ suppressed the panic in his heart and declared haughtily, “I really do have sepsis! I’ll be dead if I don’t get treatment soon. Yet, this woman here insists that I’m not a college student and says I’m faking my identity. I… I guess I’m better off dead!”

The man dashed towards the lake.

Sienna immediately ordered the security guards to stop him before rebuking Ashlyn. “You disappoint me, Ms. Berry! How could you force him to kill himself?”

Ashlyn was amused. “He’s the one who wants to die; what does it have to do with me?”

“What has our society become? She made someone try to kill himself in a lake, and now she’s saying it has nothing to do with her! This is outrageous!”

“I can’t bear to watch any of this. I feel so sorry for Jeremy.”

While the crowd was busy putting Ashlyn down with their self-righteousness, a voice suddenly came from nearby. “This way, please, Principal Potter.”

“This way, please, Mr. Granger.”

Everyone turned to the direction of the voice.

A row of people walked past the balloon-filled arch and headed this way.

The man in the lead was tall and well-built, and the cold expression on his face made it seem as though he could rob someone’s soul.

His frosty eyes could send chills down a person’s spine.

Those pupils turned even colder and darker as he heard the wealthy women’s rants.

It only took one glance for Ashlyn to realize the man was Lucas Nolan. What’s he doing here?

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