My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 217

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 217

Could it be… She glanced at Naomi who was smiling smugly.

“M-Mr. Nolan?” Sienna reacted the fastest and went over to greet him. “What a surprise! Excuse me for not welcoming you at the entrance earlier!”

Those were words of formality. In fact, Sienna was shocked by his presence.

What is Lucas Nolan doing here?

She had a hundred questions as she could not figure out why Lucas was here.

He ignored her completely. His pretty face was as cold as ice; it was as if all emotions were sucked into his blackhole-like eyes.

His icy gaze became warmer when he saw the pretty woman at a distance.

She was dressed in a traditional Han costume; her alluring figure attracted a lot of attention.

The warmth in his eyes disappeared in an instant as he regained his iciness. He then asked the two middle-aged men beside him, “Principal Potter, Mr. Granger, can you identify Jeremy Halliwell from University T here?”

Immediately after he spoke, Jeremy Halliwell turned pallid and trembled in fear.

Who in Lake City did not know who Lucas Nolan was?

It was unexpected of him to swallow his pride and investigate this matter.

What was going on?

Jeremy Halliwell’s head was spinning as horror overwhelmed him.

Walking step by step into the crowd, he dared not lift his head in an attempt to remain invisible.

Everyone at the scene was shocked.

Sienna, who was usually an expert of communication, failed to utter a word under Lucas’ imposing aura.

Lucas is here for Jeremy Halliwell? How is this possible? It’s impossible!

She looked at Lucas in disbelief before regaining her senses. “Mr. Nolan… Do you mean that these two…”

Spencer White hurried forward and introduced to everyone, “They are the Principal and the Director of Admissions of University T.”

Principal Potter looked around his surroundings. As a principal of a university, it made perfect sense that he would not know every single student on campus. Hence, he signaled the Director of Admissions to run the name, Jeremy Halliwell on their university’s laptop, which Mr. Granger’s assistant was carrying.

However, it was exactly as Jared said on the phone. There was only one Jeremy Halliwell, who graduated ten years ago.

The assistant held onto the laptop and showed everyone the records.

The Director of Admissions, Mr. Granger, then reported to the principal, “Principal Potter, there is no student named Jeremy Halliwell in our university currently.”

The principal took a glance at the rich ladies present. Some of them knew him and he had heard of the Haddock Charity before.

But what puzzled him was why he had to provide admissions evidence regarding Jeremy Halliwell. He had not a single clue about the background story.

He said frankly, “Did everyone hear that? We really do not have any current students with the name Jeremy Halliwell. The only student with that name graduated ten years ago.”

Hence, the news about Jeremy Halliwell from University T being diagnosed with sepsis was fake!

The rich ladies witnessed this scene in horror. Even if Ashlyn’s call recording could be edited, the Principal and the Director of Admissions had testified personally.

“It’s all made up.”

“Oh my god! Ms. Oates, what is going on?”

“I’ve already donated two million… What if the person I donated to is an imposter too? That’s over the limit!”

“That’s right. This con artist is using our sympathy to cheat money. What a jerk!”

“Thank god Ms. Berry is observant!”

Hearing the chatters of the rich ladies, Sienna’s expression darkened as sweat rolled down her forehead.

Since taking over the Haddock Charity, it was her first time encountering people who would expose and demand the verification of the beneficiary’s identity on the spot!

I can’t believe Lucas Nolan is here for Jeremy Halliwell. Is Naomi that important to him? Why haven’t I heard about this? I thought the Nolan family’s siblings are not on good terms.

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