My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 218

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 218

Is he doing this for Ashlyn, the b*tch? But didn’t he just show off affection with his wife on his social media? This is a PR crisis!

She had to figure out a way to turn the tide. Haddock Charity’s reputation must not be ruined by today’s incident!

Sienna’s mind functioned quickly as she tried to fix the situation. She stared at Jeremy Halliwell who was almost transparent amongst the crowd and blurted out, “You liar! Stay there! Where are you trying to escape to?”

Lisa, who had a great rapport with her, reacted quickly and called for the security guards.

The tall and strongly built guards strode forward to pin Jeremy Halliwell onto the ground.

After being beaten up by the security guards, Jeremy Halliwell lied on the floor miserably.

He had a good beating.

When he tried to struggle and scream, Lisa tore off the hem of her Han costumes and gagged his mouth, preventing him from making any noise.

“I can’t imagine there’s a scammer in our foundation. Sorry for that!” Sienna wiped off the sweat on her forehead while glancing at Lisa.

She then smiled, “Thank you, Mr. Nolan, for helping us to get rid of the maggot. It was our organization’s negligence. I’m ashamed for letting all of you down.”

Ashlyn’s pretty eyes shimmered under the sunlight; her red lips curved upward into a playful smile.

Sienna had chills all over her body upon seeing this.

What is this woman planning to do now?

“Ms. Oates, didn’t you say that you’ll offer a ten times compensation if it’s fake? So… are you going to compensate Ms. Nolan tenfold for what she intended to donate? Ms. Nolan was going to donate one hundred grand!”

The woman’s callous voice rang.

Almost fainting of anger, Sienna put up a fake smile and said, “But Ms. Nolan has not donated any money yet, has she? So, she didn’t suffer any losses…”

Ashlyn fixated her glare at Sienna without blinking and retorted, “However, Jeremy Halliwell is an imposter! When you gave that statement, you did not specifically say that you’ll compensate only when we suffer a loss!”

Naomi did not think about the compensation at all. Upon being reminded about it by Ashlyn, she raised her chin and said arrogantly, “Is Ms. Oates trying to go against her own words?”

No matter what, she did not enjoy being called dumb by Ashlyn… She wanted to be smart for once, but she was unsure what her sister-in-law thought about her performance…

She racked her brains to think of insulting words to cooperate with her sister-in-law.

Taking a peek at Ashlyn, she was hoping to receive an encouraging gaze or smile.

But, she did not get what she hoped for.

She felt heartbroken as she tried to cheer herself up. It must be because I did not perform well enough, hence sister-in-law did not praise me. I’m so sad. I need to gather more knowledge by reading books and perform better the next time.

When Ashlyn heard what Naomi said, she felt like laughing but she suppressed it.

Overwhelmed with anger, Sienna almost fainted. Unfortunately, her body was too healthy; if she had been weak enough to faint, she might have gotten away from the compensation.

A hundred grand times ten is a million! I’ll jump into the lake and commit suicide if I give Naomi a million for nothing.

However, looking at Lucas’ horrifying and cold figure, she did not have the guts to reject their demand!

She felt as though a devil was choking her while her vitality was being sucked out from her body.

Putting on a stiff face, she forced herself to not tremble while saying, “Haddock Charity has always emphasized a lot on credibility as we aim to convince the public with our virtue. This incident is a result of our negligence, hence, I will take full responsibility. Of course, I’ll compensate you! Lisa, get me the check!”

Upon saying this, she almost collapsed. If it weren’t for Lisa who supported her in time, she would have fallen onto the ground pathetically.

Lisa dripped cold sweat, feeling anxious for Sienna.

After the latter regained her balance, she took the one million check from the former before handing it over to Naomi sincerely. “Ms. Nolan, I am extremely sorry. I apologize on behalf of Haddock Charity. Sorry for the horrifying experience.”

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