My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 220

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 220

Lucas gritted his teeth while staring at the red Porsche 911.

As the car stopped in front of the Imperial Hotel, a few valets came over enthusiastically to assist them with the parking.

Just as they got out of the car, they saw Blair, Tinsor, and Winsor at the entrance.

Lucas had a stern look on his face. What are these three people doing together? Are they waiting for us?

After that, he saw his brother, who still had a bandage on his head, rushed forward like a dog. “Ashlyn, I’ve been waiting for you.”

He bowed and nodded before pushing the door wide open. “Ashlyn, come in. It’s hot outside.”

Tinsor pushed him away angrily, rushing to be the guy who led the way. “Goddess, Imperial Hotel’s dishes are getting more delicious. My brother will buy the meal this afternoon.”

“Ms. Berry, you don’t have to be shy. I heard from Tinsor that you saved him at the clubhouse two days ago. I have to buy you a meal to thank you. Not just today and tomorrow, but also the day after. It would be best if…”

Winsor flashed a smile, which he thought was handsome, at Ashlyn. He then winked playfully and said, “It would be best if I can support you forever.”

Initially, the brothers were going to visit Blair at the hospital, but when the latter received Naomi’s text saying they were dining in at Imperial Hotel, they rushed to the restaurant without hesitation.

Blair’s head was not hurting anymore; all his pain had been relieved.

What was bizarre was Tinsor and Blair, who were usually enemies, became Ashlyn’s fans at the same time. Although they still bickered non-stop, they no longer fought whenever they had the chance to.

“Winsor, I think you are too free!” Ashlyn said mercilessly.

She then lifted the hem of her skirt gracefully and walked into the grand hall.

Naomi followed them immediately at the sight of this. “Hey, wait for me!”

Meanwhile, Winsor had a brief exchange of words with Principal Potter and Mr. Granger.

The two authoritative people of University T were extremely curious about Ashlyn’s identity.

This young lady is extraordinarily beautiful. Her demeanor is sophisticated. Didn’t Ms. Nolan address her as sister-in-law? Then why is Winsor appearing to be pursuing her? Winsor Jaquin and Lucas Nolan… I thought something serious happened when Mr. Nolan called for our presence so urgently. But… he did all that to humiliate others for this lady named Ashlyn. The way this lady speaks to Winsor is… as if she’s trying to chase a dog away… But not only is he not upset, but he also looks happy… I don’t understand… Perhaps I’m too old.

Ashlyn’s eyes glimmered as she listened attentively to the chatters around her.

Suddenly, a man reached his big palm out to grab her slim wrist but she raised her arm and dodged away in time.

Lucas’ thin lips tightened while his outstretched hand lingered in the air.

His eyes stared at the woman without blinking.

He was so infuriated that anger almost gushed out from within his eyes.

You look so interested in listening to these rascals, but I can’t even touch you?

His gaze darkened.

The atmosphere at the grand hall of the Imperial Hotel was full of suffocating oppression. Even the waiters could sense the horrifying aura.

However, someone thought it was funny. Winsor cocked his eyebrows smugly.

My goddess is so feisty! She doesn’t give Lucas special treatment just because he’s extremely good-looking.

He was no longer upset by the rejection from just a few seconds ago.

I’m happy as long as Lucas is sad! Hmph!

Ashlyn walked straight toward the front desk upon entering the Imperial Hotel.

Before she opened her mouth, the manager exclaimed, “Ms. Berry, you’re here. Wow! You’re gorgeous today! You look like a classical beauty.”

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