My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 221

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 221

“Stop flattering me.” Ashlyn’s lips curled slightly. “Arrange a table for me. These are all my friends.”

“Yes, no problem. I’ll make an arrangement right away.” The manager at the front desk nodded respectfully before rushing out to start preparing.

“Ms. Berry is here. Ms. Berry is here. Hurry up and notify the kitchen. Our Ms. Berry is here. Serve all her favorite dishes. Don’t forget about her favorite ice cream. Everything needs to be prepared well. Oh. She brought a few friends. Make sure you give her a satisfying service. Understood?”

Two minutes later, the manager personally led them to a European-style round table.

“Ms. Berry, please have a seat.”

“Principal Potter, Mr. Granger, have a seat.” Ashlyn smiled at the two middle-aged men. “Everyone please take a seat.”

The two men were once again shocked.

This is undoubtedly… Imperial Hotel’s VIP treatment, right? Imperial Hotel is a high-end restaurant with bustling business. One may not secure a table even if he reserves one week in advance. But Ashlyn does not even need to queue and she acts like a host.

Both Mr. Nolan and Winsor did not have any objections.

Feeling ecstatic, Naomi was about to sit beside Ashlyn. However, someone acted quicker than her and took her place.

She raised her head and saw her brother sitting like an iceberg on Ashlyn’s left side.

After silently cursing him, she rushed for the seat on Ashlyn’s right. In the end, she witnessed Winsor taking that seat like a burly tower.

Naomi could not do anything but return to her seat by Blair’s side.

The latter then patted her hand. “Are you a fool? How can you separate your brother and your sister-in-law? Can’t you see that the Jaquin brothers are trying to get in between them?”

The former moaned and grunted pitifully.

Is it wrong to want to be near Ashlyn?

“Ms. Berry, I’ve instructed the kitchen to prepare your favorite dishes. Ladies and gentlemen, what would you like to eat?” The manager served them personally and gave Ms. Berry full respect.

He was determined to give Ms. Berry an enjoyable and satisfying experience.

In this world, only Ms. Berry would receive such treatment from him!

Ashlyn had figured out what the manager was thinking by looking at how enthusiastic he was.

She passed the menu over to Principal Potter and Mr. Granger. “What would you like to eat? Ms. Nolan made a million today!”

“That’s right. Thank you for testifying just now,” Naomi said instantly.

The two of them were not someone indecisive, hence they ordered a few signature dishes and passed the menu to Lucas.

Lucas glanced at the menu. Not uttering a word, he gave the menu to Ashlyn.

Puzzled, she lowered her eyes and looked at him. “What’s wrong?”

“Order for me,” the man spat out these three words as his eyes shimmered with anticipation.

A look of helplessness flashed through her pretty face. “I’ll have this, this and this…”

She ordered a few dishes; all of which were Lucas’ favorites and also the one she frequently cooked at home.

This man is absolutely spoilt and perverted. Are the dishes she ordered extra tasty? Huh? Psycho!

Upon seeing this, Winsor said unwillingly, “Ms. Berry, can you order a few dishes for me as well?”

“Sorry. I don’t know what you like. You should order on your own.” Ashlyn passed the menu back to him.

He did not like this at all.

As Winsor raised his head, he saw Lucas’ triumphant gaze.

The difference in treatment is blatant! Why does my goddess have to know what Lucas likes and order it for him?

Lucas’ dejection was abated as his joy elevated.

However, he began to be irritated again just seconds later.

His jealousy was so immense that everyone could sense it.

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