My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 223

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 223

He started working on the king prawn like he had gone insane. His long fingers moved like they were creating the finest art, and it only took him a few minutes to get the American Lobster ready.

The man suddenly hissed softly.

Everyone turned around and saw that Lucas’ finger was bleeding a little.

Lucas had his eyes down, and he didn’t show any emotion on his face when he stared at Ashlyn. He then said the word that got everybody’s jaw to drop: “Ouch.”

Lucas acted as if he was hiding his immense pain when he murmured, “It’s fine, I’ll just push through the pain.”

As Lucas spoke, he pushed the lobster towards Ashlyn and said, “Eat up. I took the shells out.”

His pouting was… horrible, but it was strangely arousing, especially since he was ridiculously handsome.

Ashlyn took one look at the lobster, then turned to the man beside her, Lucas, who was as powerful and as graceful as royalties. However, she thought that he looked like a lunatic and was a little pretentious.

Where the hell is your dominance and power, Mr. Nolan? Did you spend all that energy to act like a pretentious idiot?

Ashlyn was too exasperated to even diss him. Just then, the powerful and graceful man put his bleeding finger in front of her face and complained, “I’m still bleeding. Please treat my injuries, Dr. Berry.”

Ashlyn grabbed a napkin from the side and crudely slapped it onto his finger before tying it into a butterfly knot. “Is Mr. Nolan satisfied with my treatment?”

The cute butterfly looked ridiculous on that powerful man’s finger.

However, Lucas was satisfied with it and requested, “Dr. Berry, I want some steak. Can you feed me? I am injured so I can’t lift the cutleries.”

Which kindergarten did this immature brat come from? Seriously, is it even possible for him to be more childish?

Naomi was stunned.

Lucas’ behavior got Naomi to see him in an entirely different light.

She had always seen her big brother as a domineering, cool, and sometimes cruel figure.

He could actually bring himself to act that immaturely and shamelessly?

Compared to Lucas’ shamelessness, Naomi’s play to demand attention seemed like parlor tricks.

Blair gloated and shot a look at Tinsor. That look basically screamed, See that? My brother is the true expert in this field.

I’d give my brother a thumbs up if this is on Facebook. My brother and his wife are the true endgame!

Principal Potter and Supervisor Granger chose to eat in silence.

They felt like they had met another version of the renowned Mr. Nolan.

Even Spencer was in shock.

Mr. Nolan. Holy! You are on a whole other level of blatantly flirting! That is downright demonic. Although… Ms. Berry isn’t exactly the kind of woman who would be easily defeated…

As suspected, Spencer soon heard Ashlyn’s cherry lips call the waiter over. “Mr. Nolan is injured. Please feed him.”

“Understood, Ms. Berry,” replied the waiter, who quickly picked up the cutleries.

The waiter looked sincere when he smiled at Lucas. “Mr. Nolan, what would you like to have?”

Lucas’ sharp eyes narrowed, and his voice carried a hint of suppressed annoyance. “Ashlyn, my stomach is acting up.”

Winsor was so irritated that he was tempted to throw his fork at Lucas’ stupid face. Just how shameless can you be? Where is your dignity?

Winsor later got some vegetables for Ashlyn. He did so mindlessly and habitually, it seemed like he had actually done it a million times before.

Lucas felt his chest gripping. He pushed the lobster to Ashlyn once more and said, “This is more delicious.”

Ashlyn’s already breathtaking face lit up with a small grin.

When Ashlyn was grouchy, her entire body would exude a chilling vibe that would make others flee. However, her grin was exotic and stunning, and could make people’s eyes glow.

It was as if her smile could light up the entire room.

Almost everyone was stunned.

“What are you smiling at?” asked Lucas as his eyes glowed with a hint of seduction.

“Thank you for helping me with the lobster, Lucas,” said Ashlyn as she stood up and grabbed Lucas’ plate. After that, she put his favorite dishes onto the plate.

“You may leave. He’s a lunatic, so it’s difficult to serve him,” informed Ashlyn as she turned to the waiter who had been standing awkwardly at one side since Lucas ignored him.

She has got to be the only woman who dared to call Lucas Nolan a lunatic right to his face.

What’s even more surprising was that Mr. Nolan is still staring in anticipation.

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