My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 224

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 224

It was unbelievable because it looked as if Lucas was eagerly waiting to be fed.

Lucas’ domineering aura seeped out without him being aware of it, and his dark eyes shone with cruelty.

He could pressurize others just by looking at them, and his handsome face could easily grip a person’s heart.

However, his eyes burned with passion when he turned to the woman beside him. He stared as if he wanted to study everything about her.

Anyone could tell that Lucas was into Ashlyn.

Winsor’s expression darkened, and his eyes shone with a complex emotion.

That Lucas really knows how to get attention. Those pretentious lies are utterly shameless. An injured finger and a stomachache? Isn’t it embarrassing for an adult like him to complain about something like that?

Lucas’ handsome face shone with displeasure when he saw the distaste in Winsor’s eyes.

The Jaquin family and the Nolan family were not fighting at that exact moment. Their thoughts, however, remained mean: Are the Jaquin siblings masochists? They had their butts kicked by a woman, and that somehow made them fall heads over heel for that woman. They are acting like superglue and sticking around her.

Lucas narrowed his eyes dangerously. When he saw the mountain of food on his plate, a hint of satisfaction appeared on his face and he attacked Winsor at his weakest point. “Mr. Jaquin, how is business? Have your company’s share price gone back up after it fell by three percent?”

Winsor almost spat blood from the sudden rise of blood pressure.

“My company’s share price is none of your concern, Mr. Nolan.”

Lucas gracefully ate the food Ashlyn got him. It tasted great, and the only thing that could make it better was if Ashlyn never met the owner of the Imperial Hotel.

“Then I will pray for Jaquin Group’s retaliation and continual increase in share prices in the future,” said Ashlyn.

Winsor’s annoyance faltered a little, and his darkened expression turned slightly warmer.

So what if he has Jaquin Group? The share prices are falling, and he still can’t get Ashlyn to serve him food.

Lucas never realized just how childish and funny his thoughts were.

Everyone on site saw how Lucas’ domineering aura and dark eyes burned with fury, but it was slowly turning into temporary happiness.

No one knew that Lucas had such immature thoughts.

Even someone as slow as Blair could tell that his big brother looked jealous. Is he upset about how Winsor is nice towards Ashlyn?

Blair’s heart trembled. Strike one.

He was the one who invited the Jaquin siblings over. Given how possessive his brother looked just a second ago, it was likely that Lucas was angry.

Oh, no. He’s not going to deduct my pocket money, is he?

Blair looked pale and pitiful when he turned to Ashlyn. The former was obviously asking for help when he said, “Lucas, I…”

“Shut up,” barked Lucas as he narrowed his angry eyes at Blair and shot an icy dagger into Blair’s heart.

Blair’s heart trembled again. Strike two! However, Blair’s dread soon turned to annoyance.

Seriously, bro. Don’t get a divorce if you’re that possessive and jealous. Are you into playing post-divorce mind games or something? Ashlyn is single now, and she can hang out with anyone she wants. You don’t get to butt in anymore…

Wait, hold on, no! Blair Nolan, how can you think like that? Do you want Ashlyn to be Winsor’s wife? No, nope, definitely not!

Blair quickly nodded like a rooster pecking on rice. After that, he said, “Lucas, l-let me get you some food.”

“Keep your dirty hands away from me,” protested Lucas calmly.

Blair’s heart trembled yet again. Strike three, and Blair’s heart died.

Seriously, is this how you treat your baby brother?

My heart is shattered. Actually, scratch that, it’s powdered!

After eating, both Naomi and Winsor argued to pay for the meal. Naomi glared over and bulged her cheeks. She looked like a frog for a second before she protested, “What are you doing? We agreed that I will be the one paying for the meal. I came all the way here to thank Principal Potter and Supervisor Granger for their help. Can you not argue with me?”

“Ms. Nolan, I am the gentleman, and I have the privilege of paying the bill,” insisted Winsor. He never thought that he’d live to see the day when a kid tried to get the check from him.

“I don’t care. Most of the people here are from my family, so I am paying for the meal!” said Naomi before she angrily fished her card out of her wallet.

Principal Potter and Supervisor Granger, on the other hand, were curious about Ashlyn.

Principal Potter asked, “What do you do for a living, Ms. Berry?”

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