My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 227

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 227

Lucas wasn’t bothered by that metallic taste. In fact, it gripped his chest and made him kiss her even more passionately.

Lucas didn’t let Ashlyn go until just before she passed out from breathlessness.

His breathing was uneven as he tilted his head down and stared at her.

His tone was powerful when he said, “I am very happy with this compensation.”

Ashlyn was a little exasperated.

Must this guy always act so immaturely in front of me?

When she heard how certain Lucas sounded, she grabbed his collar and growled, “Oh, you’re happy with it? I’m not! You are terrible at kissing. You bit my lip and….”

Ashlyn hadn’t even finished speaking before Lucas couldn’t help burn red in his face and kissed her once more.

How dare she question my skills? This woman really needs to be taught a lesson!

His hand landed on the back of her head once more, and he was, once again, in control. All Ashlyn felt was that her heart was stirring like a feather was tickling it.

The aura in the car soon turned romantic, and the passion in Lucas’ eyes became more and more obvious. He looked like he wanted to swallow Ashlyn whole.

Ashlyn’s heart gripped. That’s strange. The Spirogyra isn’t acting up today.

Ashlyn believed that if the Spirogyra remained quiet, she could handle Lucas’ incredibly handsome face that could seduce all of humanity.

I must not react to that delicious man.

Lucas’ eyes turned dark. He suppressed all of his passion and eagerness as he tilted his head down and kissed her again.

“I’m not done…”

Ashlyn took a deep breath and realized that the Spirogyra in her body wasn’t reacting to her being turned on!

Ashlyn was secretly delighted.

Is the Spirogyra finally dead? Has it lost its power? Yes! I just hope that it will never start working again.

What Ashlyn didn’t realize was that the fat and content Spirogyra was simply napping deep within her blood vessels at the time.

The Spirogyra had gotten bigger and fatter than it used to be. It glowed in gold and was chubby. In a way, it looked pretty cute.

Ashlyn wasn’t infuriated by Lucas’ obvious hint to take things to the bed, but she still had to protect her own rights. “Oy, Lucas Nolan, I’ve already compensated you for your help.”

“That doesn’t count,” replied the man quickly… and shamelessly.

Ashlyn blinked her stunning brown eyes. “You’re not supposed to bully others like that, because you’re the president of a company and the captain of the ship. Do you always go back on your deal when you talk business with your clients?”

Lucas’ sexy lips curved up. His dark eyes shone with mischief as he clarified, “You didn’t take the initiative to thank me, so the kisses didn’t count. You’re supposed to be straightforward when you thank others, you know?”

Ashlyn scoffed. She was rather comfortable without the Spirogyra messing with her.

She even sounded more certain when she spoke with Lucas, “Oh, how should we solve this problem? I feel like I should just thank you with my fist instead!”

Ashlyn had always wanted to learn how good Lucas was at fighting, so she didn’t say anything before she threw a punch as fast as lightning towards Lucas.

To her surprise, Lucas caught her punch.

“Be good. You’re a girl and should be gentler.”

The man’s hand caught her fist, but it was strong and aggressive.

This woman is eerily strong. I may have caught that punch, but I am also pinned to my seat.

“Lucas, we already got a divorce, yet we are still hanging out together all the time. Is that really alright?” said Ashlyn calmly as she retracted her fist.

The man’s eyes shone with warmth as he replied, “I think it’s pretty cool. There are couples who fell in love before they got married, and there are couples who fell in love after they got married. We’re the couple that fell in love after the divorce. It’s quite amazing.”

“I never said I wanted to date you,” refuted Ashlyn as she pouted. After that, she asked, “Did you already finish all the food in the fridge that I prepared a few days ago?”

“Yeah,” answered Lucas as his mesmerizing eyes stared at the lady’s beautiful face. He had been eating the food she prepared for every meal, so he finished it quickly.

Hence, he needed her to go cook for him. It’d be best if she could stay there forever with him too.

He only realized that his stomach couldn’t survive without her after he had already gotten the divorce.

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