My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 229

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 229

Lucas had never gone grocery shopping with Ashlyn in the four years that they were married.

He never realized that grocery shopping with her would be that strange.

He had bought some seafood the last time he went out, and he somehow messed it up. It felt great to be by her side as she shopped for groceries.

Lucas’ lips curved up, and he was delighted.

When they got home, Lucas took off his coat and said to Ashlyn with a straight face, “I’ll help you.”

Spencer didn’t know what to say.

Mr. Nolan is so polite as an assistant, and it is astounding! His usual stance is so distant that he freezes others into a block of ice. Hell, I would’ve assumed that he is an emotionless robot if it isn’t for the fact that he can talk, think, and fly an airplane! Fortunately, Ms. Berry showed up and melted his robotic heart. Honestly though, Mr. Nolan, I feel bad for you when I see how you keep circling around Ms. Berry like that. If you hadn’t gotten a divorce back then, you and Ms. Berry would still be living a happy, married life. What a pity. Why did you have to hurt yourself and ask for a divorce? Ms. Berry doesn’t acknowledge you now, and I can’t blame her for that.

Spencer was busy internally dissing Lucas when the latter walked into the kitchen.

Ashlyn, on the other hand, had fished out all the fresh groceries from the bag.

She placed the ingredients that she didn’t need in the refrigerator.

“What would you like to eat?” asked Ashlyn as she turned to the handsome man who stared with puppy eyes and acted like he was waiting in anticipation.

Lucas’ eyes glowed a little. “How about beef stew? Or lobster? Or maybe seared steak?”

Ashlyn glared over. “Those were the dishes served in Imperial Hotel. You only took a few bites at the time, and now you want me to make the exact same dish for you again? Have you gone nuts?”

Lucas didn’t say anything.

His dark puppy eyes simply stared at her, and his handsome face exuded the kind of hunger that words could not describe.

His tone was domineering and unreasonable when he insisted, “You promised you’d thank me, so you can’t go back on your words now.”

Lucas’ stomach had acted up again, and the pain got to him a little.

However, he kept it hidden.

Only the dishes that woman prepared could cure his aching stomach.

The chefs at the Imperial Hotel couldn’t cure it, neither could all other chefs.

Only that familiar smell and taste could satisfy his famished stomach and tortured tongue.

Ashlyn was a little exasperated by that man’s gaze that seemed to be able to get to anyone.

The aura in the kitchen froze over.

Spencer stood awkwardly outside the kitchen.

There are so many things that Mr. Nolan wants to eat. Does he really take Ms. Berry as a chef in a five-star restaurant? Moreover, Ms. Berry is right. The restaurant served all those dishes, but Mr. Nolan refused to eat them. Now, he wants to trouble Ms. Berry to make the same dishes for him. That is… Well, that just makes him so punch-able.

Spencer didn’t say anything aloud, though.

Lucas tilted his head down and started working on the ingredients. He was awkward and inexperienced as he sliced the beef.

Lucas couldn’t cook, and the most he had ever done was help Ashlyn wash the vegetables.

“I’ve cut it into pieces. You can cook it now,” informed Lucas.

He was handsome and tall, and his figure was sexy as hell. He had a black shirt on, and he looked graceful even as he held the kitchen knife.

The beef he cut up, however, looked… absolutely horrible.

None of them were in the same size, everything was twisted, and every single one of them was in a different shape.

Ashlyn had trouble even looking at them.

She sighed. She didn’t ask for Lucas’ help, but he did help her, so she felt compelled to take the kitchen knife from him. “I’ll do it,” said Ashlyn.

It’s only a few dishes, anyway.

Lucas suddenly hissed just as she reached out to take the kitchen knife.

Eerie crimson red blood flushed out of his hand.

Ashlyn didn’t have any time to think. She reached out to hold Lucas’ hand, then informed Spencer, “Mr. White, please bring the first-aid kit over.”

Spencer was only stunned for a second before he rushed to get the first-aid kit.

When he returned with the kit, he saw that Ashlyn was leading the tall man out of the kitchen.

Spencer quickly opened the box and got some band-aids out of them.

Ashlyn shook her head and said, “The cut is too big. We’ll need a disinfectant and some bandage.”

Spencer hurriedly got those two items out of the box.

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