My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 23

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 23

“However, Snowstorm wrote me a script. This script is awesome. I’d like to try my hand at acting instead. I want to be the male lead,” Jonathan explained nervously.

“You can look for me for small matters like these!” Wilson snapped as he dragged Jonathan aside. He suppressed the urge to throw him out and roared, “Mr. Nolan is too busy to care if you’ll be acting or not. Get out now! Can’t you tell this is serious?”

“Mr. Lowe, you’ve never supported my interest in acting. Now that the boss is here, I need to take the opportunity to appeal to him.” Jonathan frowned. I can’t possibly rely on Snowstorm for my entire life, can I? What if Snowstorm suddenly stops supporting me? Am I supposed to end my entire career like that? I’m still young and I graduated from Crescent School of Music and Drama! I’ve got good acting and singing skills!

When Lucas heard that Snowstorm was getting a divorce as well, he suddenly felt an inexplicable sense of calmness.

So I’m not the only one going for a divorce, huh? Even a talent in music like Snowstorm is getting a divorce.

Lucas felt better.

Snowstorm was renowned in the music industry. Although Snowstorm singlehandedly raised Jonathan into a superstar, the genius’ whereabouts were unknown and no one had seen them before. According to Jonathan, Snowstorm is good at scriptwriting as well. What a genius. But so what? So what if Snowstorm’s talented? At the end of the day, even a genius is getting a divorce, just like me.

Lucas’ twisted way of thinking suddenly gave him a headache. Have I gone mad? What happened to my calmness and rationality? It must’ve been because I learned about Ashlyn’s true identity yesterday. That’s why I can’t keep my emotions in check.

He remained expressionless the entire time, so none of the executives could guess what he was thinking.

None of them would have guessed that their cool, calm, and aloof boss was completely flustered.

Jonathan carefully observed Lucas’ reaction. Why did he suddenly stop after listening to me? He could not tell what this scary man was thinking about either.

He gulped and attempted to talk, but Wilson gave him a glare and told Lucas, “Mr. Nolan, Jonathan is still young and naïve. He doesn’t understand how cruel the industry is. If it turns out that his acting isn’t as great as he thinks it to be, it will affect not only the company’s interests but also his future.”

He hinted to Jonathan that the company’s main goal was to gain profit and that he would never approve of this change.

Lucas’ train of thought was interrupted by that. He pulled himself together and scanned the room with his cold gaze. Then, he commented, “It’s good that the youth have their own ideas. We shouldn’t limit their growth and development. The new album will consist of a mix of both Snowstorm and Jonathan’s works, with emphasis on Snowstorm. Pass me the script. If it’s well written, we’ll let Jonathan star in it.”

“But… Snowstorm is ignoring me,” Jonathan whined. I want Snowstorm to continue writing me songs as well, but the guy’s busy!

Although he wanted to write songs as well, he knew that the songs he wrote would never match up to Snowstorm’s. He suddenly realized that he could not rely on Snowstorm forever, which motivated him to switch to acting. Many singers were good at acting as well. Now that music albums did not sell as well, he had to forge another path for himself. He could not possibly wait to just slowly fade away.

Surprisingly, Lucas had agreed to his ideas as well.

Perfect! However, he suddenly lost confidence as well and was overwhelmed by nervousness.

None of my songs has been written by myself before! I can’t be sure if this will work out!

Jonathan was conflicted.

“If he isn’t free, then find a way to make him free.” Lucas frowned. “Well then, that’s that. Send me the script for now.”

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