My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 230

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 230

Ashlyn then cleaned the cut on Lucas’ finger.

Spencer extended his neck to sneak a peek. Ooh!

The cut was at least three centimeters long, and it looked so deep that Lucas’ skin and flesh were both protruding outwards. Mr. Nolan, did you need to be that cruel? Even to your own finger?

“Do you honestly think that your finger is the beef?” scolded Ashlyn as she wrapped his finger up, “Don’t let water get into it!”

Ashlyn stood up after she dealt with the cut. Her beautiful face was fuming, and she glared at the man on the sofa.

Cutting the beef gracefully was fake, and his charms were a ruse as well. That man is nothing but an idiot in the kitchen!

Lucas sat there without saying a word. He remained quiet as she tended to his wound.

His dark eyes burned as he stared at Ashlyn without looking away.

It felt as if she would flee if he even blinked.

Ashlyn hated that feeling.

She felt like a prey that had been targeted by a hunter. She was locked in, and there was no escape.

Ashlyn didn’t say anything else. She simply turned and walked into the kitchen, before slamming the door shut.

She didn’t see that the man on the sofa was grinning slightly.

Spencer was utterly speechless.

Mr. Nolan, you were cut, and your blood flushed out. Yet, you are still so happy that you are grinning. Are you nuts? You look just like the idiot from…

Inspiration suddenly hit Spencer!

Mr. Nolan, y-you didn’t just cut yourself on purpose, did you? Is this all a part of your plan to get Ms. Berry to stay? Dang, t-that is something else.

Spencer suddenly felt like a third-wheel, so he made up an excuse and left.

Ashlyn stayed in the kitchen for over an hour before she finally got all the dishes ready.

All the dishes that Lucas asked for were there, and as a bonus, she also cooked some vegetables.

It looked amazing and smelled delicious.

Ashlyn only realized that there weren’t any vegetables after she had finished preparing all the dishes.

In the past, she would’ve made Lucas help carry all the dishes from the kitchen to the dining table. However, she thought about how Lucas’ finger was injured, so she turned her head to get Spencer over. That was when she saw that Lucas was sitting alone on the sofa and staring out the window. She didn’t even know what he was thinking.

“Where is Mr. White?”

“He had some errands to run.”

“Get ready for dinner,” said Ashlyn as she took her apron off and carried the dishes out on her own.

Lucas was a little annoyed by how that woman called out for Spencer as soon as she got out of the kitchen. He asked, “Why were you looking for Spencer?”

“Oh, to get him to help carry the dishes out, but he left, so it’s fine,” answered Ashlyn as she put the dishes on the dining table.

Lucas stood up and walked to the dining table. His brown gaze swept to Ashlyn. Wow! My Ashlyn didn’t plan on making me carry the dishes? D-does that mean that she is worried about me? Being injured really is the best!

Ashlyn turned around to get two bowls of soup out. After that, she went back into the kitchen to get the rest of the dishes out.

Ashlyn only sat down when she was done with everything.

Lucas got a few slices of beef and popped them into his mouth. The fragrant of the well-done steak was perfect!

Lucas’ tongue was finally satisfied, and he felt the kind of intense pleasure that could only be experienced by someone who had endured starvation.

His empty stomach finally settled down, and the pain was temporarily eased.

His stomach was like a drug addict that could only feel a shred of relief after he was given more drugs.

At that moment, it felt like only Ashlyn’s cooking could bring him some relief.

And also extend his lifespan.

It didn’t matter even if the dishes placed in front of him weren’t exquisite delicacies that looked, smelled, and tasted great. Ashlyn could make toasted bread, and Lucas would find it delicious.

It seemed that Lucas was terribly and horrifyingly sick, and only Ashlyn could cure him.

Lucas truly was famished. He ate almost everything and drank a big bowl of soup.

As a result, he was stuffed, but he was extremely satisfied.

Lucas sat lazily by the dining table and watched as Ashlyn cleared everything away.

He suddenly asked, “Have you ever cooked for anyone else?”

Ashlyn stiffened, and her eyes shone with curiosity as she answered, “Yeah.”

There were times when Jared and her other subordinates had pled so much that she cooked for them.

Her subordinates also blatantly bribed her with tons of gifts, just so she would cook a few dishes for them if she were happy.

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