My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 232

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 232

Water reflected the light off her beautiful shoulders, and she looked absolutely delicious.

That was especially true for her lean arm that seemed to be exuding a seductive glow.

Lucas wasn’t expecting to see a view that amazing when he opened the door.

His gaze glowed with lust while his lips curved up into a devilish grin. “Ashlyn Berry, you really are something.”

She had to make me chase after her, huh?

Ashlyn calmly shifted her gaze to him before she continued blow-drying her hair. “Lucas, what do you want? You realize that you are breaking and entering, right?”

A few burly men rushed up the stairs at that moment.

When Lucas heard those footsteps, he slammed the door shut while his eyes glowed with a possessive glint.

Anyone who dared to see my woman’s naked figure would have their eyes clawed out!

When Lucas slammed the door, he hit the nose of the head of the security guard.

The security guard rubbed his nose as he shouted, “Ms. Berry, how are you? Are you okay? A man came in a private helicopter and injured a few of our men. He is a skilled fighter, and we are no match against him!”

Ashlyn scanned Lucas from head to toe before she shouted to her subordinates, “It’s just my ex. You and the boys can leave.”

“Understood, Ms. Berry.”

“All is well as long as you are fine.”

The burly men left after they were sure that Ashlyn was safe.

As they walked away, they gossiped, “Who would’ve thought that the boss’ ex is that good-looking?”

“And he can really throw a punch too! We can’t stop even though we went at him together.”

“Yeah! He’s handsome, a skilled fighter, and I heard that he is the president of a powerful company. Why did they get divorced?”

“Alright, come on. When did you lot become such gossips? Boss knows how to deal with her own issues, and remember, that man is nothing but an ex. He is not the real deal. We won’t hurt the man our boss officially introduces us as her man, but that ex is old news, so next time, we will attack as we do other intruders. Understand?”

“Understood! We should call a few more men over and kick the crap out of him.”

“If he dares to hurt our boss again, we will crush his freaking head!”

Lucas didn’t know that he had been marked and blacklisted by Ashlyn’s subordinates, and he didn’t know that they had decided to beat him up the next time.

At that moment in the room.

Lucas walked towards Ashlyn. His tall and muscular figure inspired fear as his eyes tilted down. He hovered over the beautiful lady in front of him.

Jared’s subordinates are pretty loyal to her. They even barricaded the door to try to stop me.

Ashlyn was somewhat surprised. She had trained all of her subordinates personally, and every single one of them were skilled fighters.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call them the best of the best.

Yet Lucas can beat them even when they go after him altogether? And he even knocked them out?

Ashlyn had always known that Lucas was a powerful fighter, but she never realized that he was that strong.

Just how powerful is this man?

Ashlyn thought that she knew that ex of hers well, but the truth seemed to be that they were both hiding things from each other and pretending the entire time.

“I’m tired,” said Lucas before he turned around and sat on Ashlyn’s soft bed. He could smell her unique scent exuding from her pillow.

He took a deep breath before he laid down shamelessly and closed his eyes.

Yes, this is what I’ve been missing. This peace and serenity.

All of Lucas’ anxieties, worries, and irritation faded out, and all that was left within him was tranquility.

Lucas felt as if he had been in a swirling storm the entire time, but the waves suddenly left without a trace. Not even a ripple was in sight.

It was as if all those negative emotions never existed in the first place.

Not even heaven could understand the kind of insanity he felt when he tilted his head up earlier and saw that Ashlyn had left.

A single thought kept running in his mind. Get her back! I have to get her back.

“Why the hell did you come to my place?” protested Ashlyn angrily and exasperatedly.

She got her hairdryer and turned around furiously.


Is Lucas asleep? That man laid on my bed with his shoes and clothes on, and just slept? … There seems to be dark bags under his eyes, though. He must be exhausted.

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