My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 233

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 233

Has he not been sleeping well?

Ashlyn frowned.

After that, she gripped her hairdryer a little before she went to the other room to blow dry it.

When she was done drying her hair, she returned and saw that the man looked like he was sleeping soundly.

Ashlyn planned on going to bed early because she had an early morning the next day.

However, Lucas had taken over her bed, and she honestly didn’t want to be involved with that man anymore.

She put her hairdryer aside and shifted her gaze to the man on the bed. She was about to cover the guy up with a blanket when Lucas suddenly opened his eyes and glared at her.

Ashlyn’s wrist was gripped at the very next second. “You’re done drying your hair?” asked Lucas in a sexy, deep voice while his eyes remained bloodshot.

“Let me go,” demanded Ashlyn through gritted teeth.

Her beautiful face had turned red from anger.

“Are you blushing? You’re not shy, are you?” asked Lucas as his throat went dry. His handsome face shone with shards of lust.

The room was filled with Ashlyn’s scent, and he loved it.

A room like that, with Ashlyn’s scent in it, was better and more calming than all the lavenders in the world.

Lucas extended his other arm and pulled her into his embrace.

After that, the man turned to his side and immediately hugged Ashlyn tightly.

Ashlyn was, in effect, forced to be the man’s hug pillow.

She glared at the ridiculously handsome man and was a little annoyed.

“Lucas Nolan!”

Lucas shushed and put his fingers on her lips, which were as soft as rose petals.

“What on earth do you want?” growled Ashlyn evilly.

The response she got was the silence in the room.

All she could hear was the man’s strong heart beating like a drum, and his even breathing echoing.

He fell asleep again? Within those few seconds? That’s crazy!

Ashlyn twisted and turned in Lucas’ arms and shifted her position to turn to him.

That was when she saw an incredibly handsome face that could move heaven and earth.

Under the dim light, Lucas’ long eyelashes curved slightly upwards. His stunningly dark eyes were closed at that moment, but his cute nose and sexy lips were in plain sight.

He had a little beard on his chin, and that made him look a little… crude?

Ashlyn pictured Lucas as a crude man, and she couldn’t help but grin at that funny image.

Her beautiful eyes narrowed as she tried to break free of the man’s hold on her, but he had locked her in tightly.

To make matters worse, the man was ridiculously strong, so she couldn’t get away.

Ashlyn was utterly speechless.

I wouldn’t have believed that the guy hasn’t been sleeping well if he didn’t just fall asleep in a matter of seconds. Still, did the guy purposely force himself awake over the past few days? Or is there an actual valid reason he hasn’t been sleeping soundly? Something feels off about this…

Before Ashlyn knew it, she turned groggy and was asleep as well.

Ashlyn was already asleep when the Spirogyra in her body shuffled its chubby figure and sniffed around using its tiny nose.

It detected its favorite scent, so it opened its eyes slowly and spread its tiny wings.

It fidgeted around the woman’s body for a while, but it stopped soon after and settled down.

It then curled up once more and napped again.

It just so happened that it was napping at the spot where Lucas and Ashlyn were holding each other close. Their hearts were pressed together with only their skin and clothes keeping the two organs apart.

The chubby Spirogyra laid in the position that made it look like cupid’s invincible arrow had penetrated both hearts, and the Spirogyra was the arrowhead.

The night dwelled on, and the sky somehow seemed lovelier.

Lucas opened his eyes slowly and stared at the woman in his arms.

Her breathing was even, and that got Lucas to grin.

Her skin was soft, and her facial features were on point, so when she was sleeping like that, she looked like an innocent baby.

Her guard was turned off completely, and she looked so helpless that it discouraged anyone from disrupting her sleep.

Lucas felt much more energetic after his nap, but the serenity he felt made him feel too comfortable to move.

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