My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 234

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 234

Lucas felt contented just by looking at her face and encircling her in his arms.

His empty heart was filled to the brim with happiness in an instant.

Before this, he always had the feeling that something was missing; but now, he felt complete as if the missing piece were finally back into place.

He fixed his gaze on Ashlyn’s sleeping face and couldn’t help giving her a light peck on the forehead.

Pulling her closer in his arms, he eventually fell back asleep.

The other day, Ashlyn woke up to find that the sky was bright outside the window.

She quickly got up, frowning slightly after taking a look at her phone; it was already past nine o’clock.

Probably Lucas had turned off her alarm before he left, so that was why she woke up late.

She would wake up feeling grumpy if she failed to have a good night’s sleep the last night.

Being an attentive man, Lucas was well aware of that, and he had his own way of dealing with her morning grumpiness.

He was definitely good husband material, but sadly, they had no feelings for each other.

Ashlyn finished her morning routine and headed downstairs.

Today, she had promised Mr. Field that she would go to the concert hall.

As she reached the corner of the staircase, she was astonished at the sight of the living room.

What’s going on?

The whole living room was carpeted with flowers.

There were a total of nine hundred and ninety-nine red roses in the middle of the living room, forming the word ‘Ashlyn’.

Light blue baby’s breaths had overspread the outer region, which further accentuated the delicate and blossoming red roses.

The fragrance of the roses permeated the entire house.

Countless balloons of different colors were floating in the air; each of the balloons had a ribbon attached with them that contained a message written on it.

“Good morning, honey!”

“I wish you all the happiness in the world.”

Most of them were common blessings.

I didn’t know Lucas is such a romantic person…

All he ever does is buy me pieces of fine jewelry and designer handbags… Today, he is different from his usual self. What’s with the drastic change of attitude?

Ashlyn was surprised, and a swell of emotions surged in her heart.

It would be every woman’s dream to wake up to find herself surrounded by a sea of flowers and balloons; no woman could say no to this fairy-tale romance.

The feelings of affection arose in her heart, but it dissipated like a bubble popped at the touch of the finger the moment she caught glimpse of a message on one of the ribbons, which wrote Honey, I want to eat beef stew.

The romantic vibe was blown away in an instant.

She caught sight of the messages on other ribbons. ”Honey, I miss your apple pie.”

“I love vanilla ice cream milkshake, especially on a hot summer day.”

“I like duck confit the best.”

She doubted that he was not romancing her but was trying to order dishes instead.

Ashlyn grabbed hold of the balloons floating before her and hurled them onto the floor, stomping on them in an attempt to pop them.

Ugh! My ex-husband is an idiot!

She glared at her subordinates and ordered fiercely, “Throw them out! The flowers! The balloons! All of them!”

“Wait!” The next second, she changed her mind and gave a new order, “Throw them at the entrance of South Star Airlines!”

“Um… Yes, Ms. Berry.” Her subordinates, which were all burly men, complied and started with the clean-up.


At the South Star Airlines headquarters, people were streaming in and out of the building.

Suddenly, a few black and flashy luxury cars pulled up in front of the building.

A few burly men, each of them holding numerous fresh roses in their arms, got out of the cars and started decorating at the entrance.

After that, they carried countless baby’s breaths out of the car, laying them around the roses.

The passersby were rubbernecking as they thought someone was going to propose or confess to one of the many beautiful workers from South Star Airlines.

When they got closer, they noticed that there were bouquets of balloons floating mid-air just above where the roses laid; each balloon had a long silky ribbon attached to them.

The scene was picturesque; the crowd could sense romance in the air.

However, everyone gaped when they saw the words written on the ribbons.

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