My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 235

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 235

It wrote, Lucas Nolan, I don’t care if you are craving for beef stew, vanilla ice-cream milkshake, or apple pie! Please turn left! You’ll find delicious cuisines eight kilometers away! Reservation Hotline: 1 XXX-XXX-XXXX.

Everyone was scratching their heads in confusion. What is going on?

It seems like this is not a confession…

“Maybe these are Mr. Nolan’s favorite food?”

“I never expect Mr. Nolan to fancy these homely meals.”

“I was thinking the same… I thought Mr. Nolan would prefer dishes made from expensive air-freighted ingredients like Boston lobster, France steak, or some of the most famous red wines…”

“Mr. Nolan’s taste is nothing different from us!”

“I love vanilla ice cream milkshake as well, and I too especially enjoy it during the summer days!”

“That’s right! Mr. Nolan and I have similar tastes when it comes to food. Apple pie is my favorite!”

“Mr. Nolan is so down to earth!”

A heated discussion over Lucas’s taste and preference for food erupted in the crowd.

South Star Airlines had always been a place full of beautiful and handsome flight attendants, and later became one of the most Instagram-able spots in the city.

A social media influencer, whose name was called Mini Pig, had recorded a video on the spot and posted it on TikTok.

Although she was not a mega influencer, the video surged in popularity because of its intriguing thumbnail which said: #Do you think the 999 roses are used for a confession? You’re wrong! They are used to order dishes!

She even wrote down the two sentences: ’lease turn left! You’ll find delicious cuisines eight kilometers away!

This was set as a still frame that lasted for about two minutes before the video faded into black so that the fans could read the words clearly.

The video was being shared on various social media platforms by the netizens; they were all amused by the two sentences.

“Is this some kind of hard sell marketing strategy of a restaurant? This restaurant is definitely a badass!”

“I think this is some restaurant’s marketing strategy. By the way, does anyone know what is the restaurant located eight kilometers away?”

“I think it is Imperial Hotel!”

“Maybe Imperial Hotel has joined hands with South Star Airlines to come up with this publicity stunt?”

“They even mentioned Mr. Nolan’s full name! What the hell is going on?”

“I think this is not a publicity stunt. If it really is a stunt, the publicity department and the strategic-planning department won’t dare to mention Mr. Nolan’s full name!”

“This video is priceless! I’m going to share it!”

“I think those two sentences are a retort directed at Mr. Nolan… I have the feeling that I’ve found the truth!”

“I was thinking the same as well… It seems to me that someone was retorting Mr. Nolan!”

When the netizens shared the video, they also tagged it with other posts for cross-referencing.

#999 Roses Used To Retort Mr. Nolan

#Goodness! You Can’t Retort Someone Without 999 Roses

#Have You Bought Roses Today?

#Turn Left! Imperial Hotel Is Eight Kilometers Away!

#Do You Want Some Apple Pie? #How About A Vanilla Ice-cream Milkshake?

The creative netizens had come up with all sorts of witty tags.

The video became the most popular video on TikTok in no time, with nearly ten million reposts.

Its popularity caused the growth of Mini Pig’s fan base. Before this, she only had five thousand fans, but her fanbase grew exponentially after she had posted the video.

From ten thousand fans to twenty thousand, thirty thousand, forty thousand…

Mini Pig was stunned, and her mind was muddled as she stared at the screen of her phone; her number of fans was going to exceed a million at any moment.

The numbers were still growing exponentially after it hit a million.

Everyone was amused with the entertaining and funny tags.

Suddenly, Mini Pig saw Lucas reposting her video with a tag saying: #My mischievous Mrs. Nolan, you won’t cook for me. Instead, you asked me to go to Imperial Hotel, the restaurant well-known for its difficulty in getting a reservation. Are you planning to starve your husband to death?

Mini Pig was bewildered.

Lucas Nolan reposted my video!

It can’t be fake, right?

Or is it an imposter?

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