My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 236

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 236

Mini Pig couldn’t believe that Lucas Nolan had reposted her video!

She clicked into his user profile just to find that within seconds after reposting the video, the identity of the user, ‘Lucas Nolan’, was verified as the president of Nolan Group and South Star Airlines.

It was really Lucas Nolan!

This created another uproar on the internet as netizens flooded the comment section.

“Oh my god! Mr. Nolan reposted the video! Does this mean that Mrs. Nolan was really the one who retorted Mr. Nolan with 999 roses?”

“What a bold act! Mrs. Nolan, please accept my knees!”

“Is this really not some marketing strategy? My gut feeling tells me that it is just a publicity stunt.”

“Mr. and Mrs. Nolan are indeed working on their public persona recently!”

“Are they trying to portray themselves as a lovey-dovey couple?”

“Mrs. Nolan is already everywhere on Twitter… Is she going to extend her influence over TikTok?”

“Is this a preparation for her debut?”

“I still suspect that Imperial Hotel has joined hands with South Star Airlines.”

#I Can Never Understand The Rich, Using 999 Roses Just To Retort Mr. Nolan

#Mrs. Nolan Retorting Mr. Nolan

#Mrs. Nolan Showing You The Imperial Hotel

#Poor Mr. Nolan Is Going To Starve

In the president’s office, Lucas was sitting in his leather chair with a cold expression on his face, and his eyes were full of fury. He was hungry, and his rumbling stomach was constantly reminding him of what happened this morning.

Before he left the house this morning, he had googled on how to win back a lover’s heart and found a post that suggested he send flowers and gifts.

Without a second thought, he ordered nine hundred and ninety-nine roses, baby’s breaths, balloons and ribbons to give her a surprise.

But look at how things turned out?

In the end, that woman embarrassed him right in front of South Star Airlines using the flowers and balloons that he bought.

He was enraged upon seeing what she had done.

The workers and the executives had looked at him with strange expressions on their faces the entire day.

Isn’t she happy to receive roses? But it seems like she is mad…

She even dares to retort in my face!

Things had gotten out of hand when someone posted the video on TikTok.

Some parody accounts even posted the video on Twitter.

Perspiration was forming on Spencer’s forehead as he stood nervously in the office, looking at the man in his black suit standing by the window.

He could tell that Lucas was furious just by looking at his back figure.

Lucas nearly ground his teeth flat.

He wanted to ask that ignorant woman why did she insult him like that.

Have I done something wrong? Am I not romantic? Doesn’t she like the roses?

With his face clouded over, he turned around and made his way towards the door.

Spencer was slightly bewildered, but he immediately followed suit.

Lucas entered the elevator in large strides.

Being intimated by Lucas’s domineering aura, Spencer stood at one corner of the elevator to stay further away from him.

He felt sorry for Ms. Berry who had given Mr. Nolan a slap in the face.

Lucas got out of the elevator and strode towards the main entrance.

In an instant, the roses and baby’s breaths came into sight.

It was such a lovely sight, except for the ribbons.

Lucas fixed his gaze on the words on the ribbons. He was surprised when he saw the words being written in admirable calligraphy.

The familiar handwriting belonged to Ashlyn!

He had seen her handwriting only twice; the first time was when they registered for their marriage, and the second time was when she signed the divorce papers.

He had long known that she had beautiful and neat handwriting when she wrote with a fountain pen.

However, he had no idea that she was proficient in the art of calligraphy.

Inexplicably, his anger vanished into thin air when he looked at her handwritten messages on the ribbons.

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