My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 237

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 237

Lucas reached his hand for the balloon and removed the ribbon from it gently as if he were afraid that he might damage the ribbon.

Then, he retraced his steps back to his office.

Spencer was rendered speechless by his series of conducts. A moment earlier, Mr. Nolan was fuming, but now he is grinning from ear to ear while holding a piece of ribbon.

The workers of South Star Airlines instantly retrieved their gaze and resumed their work in hand as Lucas walked past them.

Their minds were flooded with questions. Mr. Nolan looked angry when he just came out of the elevator, but why is he all smiles right now?

Lucas was back in his office, looking attentively at the handwriting on the ribbon.

The lines and curves of each alphabet were inch-perfect, written in such harmonious and skillful manner. He couldn’t help exclaiming internally, Now that’s perfect calligraphy!

He was in such a good mood that he decided to sign up and verify his TikTok account, where he reposted the video and tagged it with his own response.

The video went viral in no time.

Mini Pig now had millions of fans due to Lucas reposting the video.

Numerous advertisers had approached her, seeking to cooperate with her and advertise on her TikTok account.

Some influencer training academy had invited her to become a tutor and share her experience on the road to fame.

She was taking pictures at South Star Airlines when the incident happened, so she recorded a video of it. She was still confused by the fact that she had shot to fame all of a sudden because of the video.

If it weren’t for Mr. and Mrs. Nolan, she would never have become famous.

The parody accounts on Twitter were all sharing the video to attract more followers.

Lucas’s TikTok account now had millions of fans.

The incident created a frenzy on the internet; it was a revelry of the netizens.

On the other hand, Imperial Hotel, which was supposed to be in the limelight, had kept a low profile. The imperial Hotel authority didn’t make any response, neither did it retweet the video.

They chose to stay out of this matter as if they had nothing to do with it.


In the State Concert Hall, all the performers had arrived early in the morning.

Instead of hiring professional performers, each department was required to send a few workers every year to perform at the National Day Gala Night to show that they attached great importance to the event.

Each department from different companies had sent their workers; almost all of them were outstanding female workers.

The number of male workers could be counted on one hand; it seemed like they were here to complement the female workers.

It was an honor to show their face as a performer in the Gala Night.

Those who were qualified to appear in the show either came from a wealthy family or had a strong background. Apart from that, some of them were being chosen as performers because they were good-looking.

Undoubtedly, it was more likely to have drama and conflicts in a place where these people gathered around.

Hence, Lake City’s National Day Gala Night would end up being mediocre every year and receive lower viewership ratings when compared to Gala Nights from other TV channels.

The producing director and co-producers were all hired from the music academy and the television station. Even though the co-producers were capable at work, they came from ordinary families with no special background.

Throughout the rehearsal, the performers would complain that the duration of the show was too short, their lines were unremarkable, their costumes were too ugly, and etc.

The co-producers were troubled by their grumbles, but they couldn’t afford to offend any one of the performers.

As a result, the show would end up being mediocre and receive low viewership ratings.

This year, James wished to restore proper work etiquette to produce a better show.

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